"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
—Anne Frank

For Grace’s Share Your Story Projects

Together, We Heal…

If you are a Woman In Pain or a person challenged with Chronic Pain and Trauma, we invite you to send us your story (in 400 words or less) and we’ll add it below. Note: We reserve the right to edit submissions.

Here are the three types of stories we welcome you to submit:

  1. Women In Pain, we are specifically looking for stories that detail lack of diagnoses, under-treatment and/or health care provider abuse related to your gender.
  2. For women and men who have experienced generational, early childhood or adult-onset trauma or any combination of these, please submit a story that highlights how the trauma brought on or adversely affected your chronic pain.
  3. Women In Pain, if you’ve experienced significant isolation and/or loneliness due to your chronic pain, please share your story. Additionally, if this applies, share any successful methods you’ve used to overcome being cut-off.

Be sure to tell us your name, as well as your city, state and country. Feel free to attach a photo of yourself. Also, if you’re interested in sharing your story with the media, please include your contact number (this number will not be posted publicly).

Please submit your story, photo and information to forgracewip@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance!