"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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January’s Story of the Month

CRPS and fibromyalgia warrior Kristina Breen is featured as For Grace's January Story of the Month. With supreme grit and determination, Kristina fought through a dismissive healthcare system to a place where she found a "wake-up call" for her life. A place where she discovered teachers and healers that will one day bring her to remission.

December’s Story of the Month

December's Story of the Month features the heart-wrenching journey of woman in pain, Heather Grace. Just when Heather's life had taken off personally and professionally, it all came crashing down due to chronic pain. Despite abuse by her doctors and the loss of those most near and dear, Heather fights on, focusing on "the bright spots, not the rain."

For Grace Joins Global Campaign

For Grace leaders were excited to recently travel to Amsterdam to join thought-leaders from around the world on an initiative that will bring better health, wellness and pain management to people far and wide. Please check back here at the For Grace website as we'll be making announcements about this worthy work as details unfold.

For Grace Leaders Empower

Empowerment of patients challenged by autoimmune disorders will be the focus of the inaugural Patient to Patient Experience Symposium that will be hosted in Palos Verdes, California on November 18-20. For Grace leaders John Garrett and Cynthia Toussaint will share their 34+ year patient/caregiver experience as well as read from their book Battle for Grace on Saturday.

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