"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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December’s Story of the Month

Our December Story of the Month is especially poignant and heartbreaking as Althea Hudzinski's story is told by her sister, Dionetta. Althea was a young mother of three when she developed severe pelvic pain which quickly became debilitating. Frantic for help, a chain of doctors labeled her a "neurotic, anxious, pre-menopausal, drug-seeking woman." By the time Althea checked herself out of a psych ward, she was dying from the colon cancer her doctors missed. In the words of Dionetta, a "needless tragedy."

Summit Press Touts Integrative Care

A fine post-Summit article is running on the National Pain Report featuring our keynote speaker, Dr. Bob Twillman. Executive Director of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management, Dr. Twillman shares how integrative care will be the preferred model for pain care in the future - and  how it will lessen the burden of opioids as the primary therapy. He also highlights the NIH's National Pain Strategy and the importance of pain patient's stories being heard.

For Grace Represents US in London

Cynthia Toussaint travels to London this week to represent the USA in a global CRPS focus group. These meetings aim to give pain management industry a thorough understanding of the CRPS patient experience with a keen eye on similarities and differences around the world.  For Grace is proud to be a part of this effort, one that will ultimately improve the lives of all who suffer with this potentially devastating disease.

MS Folk Get Dose of Chronic Pain

This week Cynthia Toussaint was the guest on an MS and Me Radio broadcast hosted by "Girl with MS" Caroline Craven. Diagnosed with a dozen pain and fatigue conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Cynthia and Ms. Craven engaged in a stimulating conversation that ranged from self-care techniques to faith and finding strength in yourself when everything else fails you.

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