Woman In Pain Needs Some Help….
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My name is Tracy , I am 38 years old and on December 9,2007 it will be two years that I had surgery that has left me with chronic vaginal pain.

I went into the operating room to have a bladder lift and two hernias repaired. I was in severe pain since the day I came home. My Doctor kept telling me the vaginal pain was caused by a bladder condtion called Interstitial Cyctitis, which he claims was brought on and and aggravated by the December 9 surgery. Trusting the man I stay with him following the diet, taking all eleven pills he prescribed for me never seeing any improvement.The pain took over my life. I couldn’t attend things for my kids, no more mall trips with my best friend because I couldn’t stand for a long period of time. I couldn’t do laundry, vacuum or grocery shop because not only was I weak I could not lift because it made the pain even worse. In May of 2006 I changed doctors and began the long process of having the mesh removed from my body that&nbs;p; the first doctor used to do the first surgery. The pain was not from the IC at all. My body is severely allergic to the mesh and I stayed long enough trusting someone for this mesh to wrap itself tightly around my pelvic floor muscles, my urethra, as well as my colon and rectum.

I have had at least ten surgeries for mesh removal and still am left will vaginal pain,some days are much better than others[today was a bad one].I try real hard not to take pain for many reasons, I am afraid of building a tolerance and than not having them on my really bad days, they also make you feel so tired and confused.I am still a mom and haven’t been a great one in the past twenty months.I see my new doctor once a week for shots vaginally into my muscles sometimes good results sometimes not. I do think the power of positive thinking is a must and having a wonderful husband who has never ever complained about going to work all day and coming home and picking up my slack helps. I do n’t have to feel guilty about the days I don’t get things done because I was in pain.This has also taken a major financial strain on us, it is not cheap being ill.Which then in turn adds stress which then makes me in more pain, it’s a vicious circle.

So tomorrow I will wake up and hope for a good day if not , try to hang onto tomorrow will be better. I would be more than happy to talk with anyone that would like to talk. Either through email at
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