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“We discovered that I have had fibromyalgia since I was a child and went 30 years undiagnosed.”
For Grace is an organization passionately devoted to promoting better care and wellness for women in pain

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It’s No Joke!

Opioid-Induced Constipation (OIC) is a serious side-effect of daily pain management that affects millions challenged by chronic pain. 

Find out more about OIC and see what you can do about it by checking out these great educational tools and resources:

OhISee Community Blog

Opioid-Induced Constipation: Video and Conversation Guide

Opioid-Induced Constipation: Causes and Treatments

Let’s Talk About Opioids and Constipation

Faces & Cases: Managing and Assessing People with OIC

Recent OIC Media:


East Windsor’s HamletHub



“Accepting Pain - Our New Normal” was the 2014 theme where we explored acceptance and behavioral therapies to gain better wellness and pain control. Also during this empowering day, women in pain and their caregivers discovered their personal “Hero’s Journey” on the way to a new normal. Please link here to view full agenda and details. 2014 Women In Pain Conference Press Release


Catch For Grace’s 2014 conference highlight video HERE
(Photography by Dana Gambill; Song performance by Cynthia Toussaint)



For Grace partnered with the National Pain Report on a confidential women in pain survey that gave women the chance to share their chronic pain experience openly and honestly. The results were unveiled at our 7th Annual Women In Pain conference by National Pain Report CEO Ed Coghlan. Please link here to see the NPR story about this exciting project. Women In Pain Survey Results / NPR Article on WIP Survey Results



For Grace Provides the Face of Pain at Ground-Breaking NIH Pain Symposium
For Grace Spokesperson Cynthia Toussaint was a featured speaker at this prestigious May 28-29 event in Bethesda, MD that spotlighted cutting-edge research about pain and its management. Ms. Toussaint shared her 32-year chronic pain experience, advocacy work and impressions about the research presented at this hope-generating symposium. View Day Two of the worldwide webcast replay here.. 



For Grace and Leeza Gibbon’s Care Connection Team Up for a Caregiver Support Group in LA - Next Meeting: TBA
Link Here to Get Details - See You There!



Groundbreaking Chronic Pain Documentary Premieres on The Discovery Channel - Now Available Online!
For Grace partnered with, consulted on and is featured in Pain Matters, a one-hour film that is a must see for people with pain, their loved ones and healthcare professionals. The documentary premiered in November and will be picked up internationally. GOOD NEWS - Pain Matters is NOW AVAILABLE to view here or on-line at

Pain Matters from Discovery Channel CME on Vimeo.



Battle for Grace Launches on!
Shriver Chooses Battle for Grace as Top-5 Must-Read

Battle for Grace is a gut-wrenching memoir about excruciating pain, remarkable redemption and impossible love, told warts and all by the two people who lived it. It describes a journey that took For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint and her life partner John Garrett to depths that could have ended their lives, but instead are giving wondrous hope to millions of women around the world. Hope borne out of devastating pain that‘s been overcome by a brave love for each other and for life. For more information and to order Battle for Grace, please link HERE. / Battle for Grace Press Release

Battle for Grace Review on
Pajama Daze Blog Reviews Battle for Grace

Order Battle for Grace Now in Paperback or E-book

All of Cynthia Toussaint’s net proceeds from the sale of this book go to For Grace



The Wonder Project Brings the Healing Power of Music to Women In Pain
Our spokesperson, Cynthia Toussaint, has recorded her first CD! This nine-song collection, titled Wonder, captures the essence of the pain experience while conveying the joy of reinvention and coming out the other side to better wellness.  To hear and/or order the CD, please link here. / The Wonder Project Press Release


For Grace Sponsors 2013 Step Therapy Bill!
AB 889 Stalls in Senate Appropriation - Re-introduction Slated for 2015
Sad to announce that the For Grace sponsored Step Therapy bill, AB 889, which aimed to overcome barriers to pain (and all) medications here in California, died in Senate Appropriations on August 30th due to a relentless attack from the heath care lobby. Without significant amendments, the bill cannot be reintroduced in 2014 - and AB 889’s author Assembly Member Jim Frazier has no desire to water it down. Nor do we. So, let’s look to 2015 to fight on with 40+ supporting organizations to make the unethical prescription practice of Step Therapy a thing of the past. A gigantic thank you to the pain community for your stories, calls and letters of support! To learn more about Step Therapy (aka, Fail First) and the bill, please link here. / AB 889 Fact Sheet / For Grace AB 889 Sponsor Letter


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For Grace in the News!

A powerful, in-depth piece about For Grace leaders’ 32-year experience with chronic pain and caregiving is running on “How a Hamstring Tear Derailed a Dancer’s Life” focuses on how CRPS can upend a person’s life as well as those around them. The piece also highlights the good work at For Grace. 

For Grace leader Cynthia Toussaint contributed her thoughts in an April National Pain Report article that trumpeted the long-anticipated release of the National Institutes of Health’s National Pain Strategy. Speaking for the underserved women in pain community, Ms Toussaint stressed that the days of being dismissed and discounted are soon to be over.

A great piece penned by For Grace Founder Cynthia Toussaint is running in April on the National Pain Report. Please link here to read “We All Have a Comeback Story” inspired by Ms. Toussaint’s return to Las Vegas. 

Please check the top of this page to link to articles, interviews and radio appearances that feature For Grace leaders Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett. The media was done on a December Internet Media Tour in Atlanta where they spoke about the many challenges of their 33-year chronic pain and caregiving story. 

A November article is running on about For Grace and the National Pain Report’s recent Women In Pain Survey. Writer Lene Anderson did a wonderful job as the piece “Telling Their Story: Women In Pain Survey” highlights some surpirsing details culled from 2400+ responses from around the world.

Woman in pain Natalie Romero is featured in an empowering article that appeared in the Cerritos College Talon Marks paper on September 23rd. For Grace was happy to contribute to this awareness raising effort titled “Using art to cope with CRPS.” 

A piece penned by Women In Pain conference panelist Arlene Grau is currently running in the National Pain Report. The article titled “Miss Understood: My Invisible Support Group” speaks to Arlene’s positive experience at the event while finding support with her “sisters in pain.”   

National Pain Report is running an eye-opening September article called “Women in Pain Report Significant Gender Bias.” National Pain Report CEO Ed Coghlan shared the For Grace/NPR sponsored survey results at our successful 7th Annual Women In Pain conference hosted on September 12th in downtown Los Angeles. 

A great September article is running on titled “2014 7th Annual Women In Pain Conference.” Penned by Lene Anderson, the piece goes into detail about our wonderful upcoming event sure to empower women in pain across the globe. 

CNN Hero and Woman In Pain Mackenzie Bearup were interviewed with For Grace leaders on a September broadcast of KCAA NBC‘s “Change is in the Air” radio program. Lively conversation ensued with host Nicole Smith about the chronic pain experience and For Grace’s 7th Annual Women In Pain conference.

For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint penned an August article that’s running on the National Pain Report. Titled “Robin Williams and the Power of Truth-Telling”, the piece explores depression, the Women In Pain Survey and the power of communication to aid in alleviating our suffering. 

PainPathways on-line magazine is running a beautiful August/September banner about CNN Hero Mackenzie Bearup speaking at For Grace’s 7th Annual Women In Pain conference. The banner jumps to a great cover article about Mackenzie that PainPathways ran a few years back.

Catch this great August follow-up article on the National Pain Report titled “Women in Pain Survey Getting Brisk Response.” To take the survey, please link here

A wonderful Battle for Grace book review was published on the Pajama Daze blog in August. Thank you, Cam, for capturing the essence and purpose of this 8-year-in-the-making labor of love!     

John and Cynthia were guests on LA Talk Radio‘s “The Mother Love Show” on August 21st. This one-hour show, with humor and tears, covered much ground including their book, Battle for Grace, the current Women In Pain survey and For Grace’s quickly approaching 7th Annual Women In Pain Conference. Many thanks to Mother Love and Kennedy! 

For Grace leaders were interviewed on a KPFK-FMAccess Unlimited” radio show on August 13th. Topics included Battle for Grace, For Grace/NPR’s Women In Pain survey and our upcoming 7th annual Women In Pain conference.

Read about For Grace and the National Pain Report‘s women in pain survey in this August article titled “Women In Pain: Tell Us How You Feel.” Results of the survey will be unveiled at our 7th Annual Women In Pain Conference on September 12th.   

Ms. Toussaint was a guest speaker at the National Institutes of Health’s 9th Annual Pain Consortium Symposium on May 29th that was broadcast live via the NIH Network. She spoke about her 32-year chronic pain experience, advocacy work and impressions about the hope-generating research presented. 

For Grace spokesperson Cynthia Toussaint was the featured speaker at an April 9th Capitol Hill briefing about prescription drug abuse. Toussaint told her pain story and introduced a screening of Pain Matters while urging policy makers to keep access open to essential pain medications. The briefing was covered by Politico, National Journal, AMA Wire and other DC Beltway media.   

Thank you Mary Beth Sammons at for this lovely piece titled “Amid Chronic Pain: Dreams Came True”. The article highlights John and Cynthia’s three-decade pain journey, their Discovery Channel film Pain Matters segment and Cynthia’s book, Battle for Grace

For Grace is proud to have partnered with and consulted for The Discovery Channel‘s one-hour documentary Pain Matters. For Grace leaders John Garrett and Cynthia Toussaint’s story is featured in this groundbreaking film that we feel is the strongest media piece done to date about chronic pain. Pain Matters premiered on Nov. 16 and additional airing dates are Dec. 7 and 14. 

Another great article compliments of and writer Lene Anderson ran in October! Titled “For Grace: A Voice for Women in Pain”, Lene explores the history of For Grace, where we are and where we’re going. Lovely piece!

A wonderful Battle for Grace review/article by Lene Anderson at ran in September. Titled “Battle for Grace: An Interview with Cynthia Toussaint”, we thank Ms. Anderson for capturing so beautifully the essence, challenge and purpose behind the telling of the chronic pain odyssey John and Cynthia have shared.

National Pain Report spotlighted in September For Grace’s 6th Annual Women In Pain Conference, focusing on our “Coping Missteps and Pitfalls” morning panel. Titled “Women in Pain Conference Draws Worldwide Web Audience”, the event reached 3000+ attendees mainly through the web broadcast. 

For Grace’s 6th Annual Women In Pain Conference and Battle for Grace were featured in September on a National Pain Report article titled “Getting Real: The Women In Pain Conference.” The article was written by reporter Ed Coghlan who welcomed our live and webcast attendees. 

In September, an informative article on featured For Grace director John Garrett’s 30-year experience taking care of a person with CRPS. The article, “Listen Up! 5 Tips for Being an Engaged Caregiver”, highlighted the simple act of listening among other tips.

For Grace leaders were interviewed September 4th on the KPFK FM talk show Access Unlimited. John and Cynthia spoke in detail about their recent book, Battle for Grace, and teased For Grace’s fast-approaching 6th Annual Women In Pain Conference.

A feature ran on about For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint’s 30+ year CRPS journey in September. The article, titled “Breaking Pointe: Going toe to toe with pain and sharing what she’s learned”, also highlighted Toussaint’s recent pain memoir, Battle for Grace, and For Grace’s upcoming 6th Annual Women In Pain Conference.

For Grace leaders were interviewed live on NBC-KCAA 1070 AM‘s “Change Is In the Air” on August 27th. Topics were CRPS, their recent book, Battle for Grace, and For Grace’s upcoming 6th Annual Women In Pain Conference.

A feature about For Grace’s 6th Annual Women In Pain Conference ran on PainPathways’ “Only On-line” section in August. The article, titled “Getting Real With Pain”, went into depth about the day’s coping choices theme. Also it shared how all could be a part of the interactive day via live webcast and social media.

Inspiration and Battle for Grace were featured in August on’s Monday Mantra. Please follow this on-line resource for stories and more about the book. 

Battle for Grace author Cynthia Toussaint was featured in a powerful article that ran on the National Pain Report in June. Titled “Are Doctors Paying Attention to Women in Pain?”, the piece spotlighted the recent Center for Disease Control report that shows a troubling uptick in overdose fatalities among women who are using opioids for their pain management.

Spokesperson and Battle for Grace author Cynthia Toussaint penned a column about For Grace’s California bill AB 889, titled “Why Step Therapy Needs to Stop”, that appeared on the National Pain Report.

For Grace leaders John Garrett and Cynthia Toussaint were interviewed about their tough-as-nails pain memoir Battle for Grace May 22 on LA Talk Radio‘s The Mother Love Show.

For Grace’s new Step Therapy bill, AB 889, passed the California Assembly Health committee April 30th on a 15-4 bi-partisan vote - and the hearing was broadcast live via The California Channel.   

Ms. Toussaint had a blog post run in April as part of Maria Shriver’s Month of Poetry series on her Architects of Change website. Titled “Words of Love”, this guest post centered around Cynthia’s most personal and beloved poem, gifted by John at their commitment ceremony in 1995. The full story is in her new book, Battle for Grace: A Memoir of Pain, Redemption and Impossible Love.

For Grace Director and contributing writer for Battle for Grace John Garrett appeared in April on the National Pain Report as a guest columnist. His piece, titled “A Caregiver’s Journey with Pain and Self-Discovery”, delved into his 30-year experience as a caregiver. Also, he gave tips for others who take on this challenging, selfless and all-important role.

A compelling article about Battle for Grace ran on PainPathways magazine’s “Only On-Line” section in April. The feature titled “A Pain-Wrecked Life… And How Recovery And Love Became Possible” highlighted the author Ms. Toussaint’s CRPS remission brought on by the narrative therapy of writing this book. 

Battle for Grace author Cynthia Toussaint was featured on a National Pain Report article in April. Titled “Abused Women More Susceptible To Pain”, this article highlighted groundbreaking research that showed certain women are more prone to chronic pain conditions.

Cynthia Toussaint’s new pain memoir Battle for Grace was featured in April on the National Pain Report. The article titled, “One Woman’s Story of a 30 Year Battle with Chronic Pain”, not only speaks to the personal pain experience, but the all-important caregiver’s as well.

Battle for Grace was featured on author Laurie Edwards’ A Chronic Dose blog on March 29th. Our founder Cynthia Toussaint contributed to Ms. Edwards’ forthcoming book, In the Kingdom of the Sick.

On March 21st, Maria Shriver recommended Cynthia Toussaint’s Architects of Change blog post and Battle for Grace as must-reads on her The Shriver Report newsletter.

Our founder Cynthia Toussaint’s pain memoir, Battle for Grace, launched March 19th on Please link here to read her thought-provoking blog article, “Overcoming Suffering, Battling for Grace.”

For Grace inspired, consulted and interviewed for an ABC World News with Diane Sawyer segment on Feb. 14th that focused on women being disbelieved and undertreated for their pain conditions. Headlined “Women In Pain”, this piece was picked up by all ABC affiliates in the US.