CRPS Pain Visualizations

Here’s some help so others can better understand your CRPS pain

Having Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is an overwhelming challenge – and one big reason is that others (family, friends, physicians, etc.) have a hard time understanding what your pain feels like. Even if you’re the one suffering, it can be difficult to express what you’re experiencing.

To help communicate your CRPS pain, For Grace has collaborated with leading pain advocacy organizations to develop a series of visualizations that can assist you. Simply download some or all of these graphics and share with those you care about. Better understanding of what you’re going through with CRPS will lead to improved compassion and care.

We’d love to hear how these images work for you. Please share your feedback by contacting us at

Wishing you a low-pain, high-energy day!

Team For Grace


What Does Your CRPS Pain Feel Like?

Burning Heat

Ice Cold

Electric Shock


Squeezing / Tightening


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