"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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For Grace Now Spotlighting Stories of Medical Trauma

Has your doctor said your pain is all in your head? Have you had a medical procedure that went wrong?  Have you been abandoned as a patient? For Grace is now seeking stories about abusive healthcare leaving lasting damage. If you're a Woman In Pain who's experienced medical trauma, please consider sharing your story.  Through your words, we look forward to raising awareness of the pitfalls of engaging in healthcare, while gaining healing through narrative therapy.

California Medicaid Pain Care Expansion Bill Pushed to 2024

After discussions with our Senate liaison and a projected state budget deficit, For Grace leaders have decided to postpone a bill until the 2024 session that, if signed, will expand covered pain therapies for Medi-Cal patients. Though disappointing, the realities of launching a new policy that comes with a significant price tag during  a financial down turn would prove to be an uphill climb. Looking forward to late 2023 to get this much-needed therapy expansion bill to the legislature.

For Grace’s March Story of the Month

March's Story of the Month is Part Two of Crystal Moody's inspiring tale of persistence and empowerment in the face of medical trauma. Crystal shares her struggles of going from medical education coordinator to full-time patient while dealing with a bevy of healthcare clinicians "having no clue what they were doing." Worse yet, they assumed she didn't know what was best for her. Going back to college to gain her PhD, Crystal's goal is to train patients to be their own best advocates and teach clinicians to be kind and empathic to those they care for. Bravo, Crystal!

For Grace Leaders Join RSDSA Live to Talk CRPS and Cancer – POSTPONED

Join For Grace leaders Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett as they guest on a special one-hour RSDSA Live episode to be announced. Hosted by RSDSA Director Jim Broatch and Content Manager Alexis Davis, this wide-ranging talk will cover Cynthia and John's 40+ year journey with CRPS, their on-going battle with cancer, tried-and-true self-care techniques, coping with loss and heartbreak, trauma's connection to disease, the gifts of chronic illness, and so much more.  Please join this lively conversation with your great questions and comments...

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