"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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CRPS Group Fills Global Need

For Grace is proud to be the US representative in a coalition of CRPS organizations that provides information and resources for people challenged by this life-altering disease worldwide. With groups also from Spain, UK, Holland and Australia, the CRPS Global website offers an easy-to-use translator that makes information accessible to CRPS patients around the world. CRPS knows no borders, and CRPS Global fills the need to empower patients internationally.

Pain-Cancer Show Talks Caregiving

Join host Cynthia Toussaint on her inaugural episode of "The Pain-Cancer Connection" which will stream live on five of The Mighty's Facebook pages, including their Main MightySite Page, this Tuesday, February 18th at 2pm PST. Cynthia will interview her 40-year partner, caregiver and For Grace Director, John Garrett, about his carer role and how her new cancer diagnosis has changed that dynamic. Looking forward to your great comments and questions!

The Pain-Cancer Connection Goes Live

For Grace’s new series, “The Pain-Cancer Connection”, will launch next week via Facebook Live in partnership with The Mighty, the leading online site for chronic illness advocacy. The show will be hosted by For Grace founder, Cynthia Toussaint, who will interview leading experts (healthcare providers, authors, advocates, etc.) about the dynamic intersection between cancer and chronic pain. This educational series will explore, among other related topics, how high-impact chronic pain puts patients at risk for cancer and how cancer treatment often leads to chronic pain. The series will also spotlight the use of integrative care as a core therapy for both diseases.

CA Pain Legislation Heats Up!

Pleased to announce that California Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson will again be authoring For Grace's annual resolution that will proclaim September as Pain Awareness Month and September 4th (our conference date) as Women In Pain Awareness Day. Also, we're in meetings with Senator Jackson and her staff about a bill that will fortify pain education requirements in the state's medical schools as a follow up to For Grace's 2019 Capitol legislative briefing.

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