"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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The Key to Trauma and Pain Explored

Join co-hosts Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett for this month's episode of "The Trauma-Illness Paradigm" which streams live on  The Mighty's Facebook pages. On Tuesday, April 13th at 1pm PST, Cynthia and John will talk with "The Invisible Key" author Maria Socolof about how her early-life trauma led to life-altering chronic pain. After a surgery left her with agonizing, disabling pain, Maria went on a search of self-discovery to find the key to her suffering. What she found was hidden, multi-generational secrets that provided the answers. Join Cynthia, John and Maria for a lively discussion about how the body never forgets when it comes to trauma.

Back in the Saddle at For Grace

Happy to share some GREAT news! As reported in February, For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint was told that her breast cancer had returned, with surgery as her next (dangerous with CRPS) step. Due to Cynthia's deep distrust for western medicine and facts not adding up with the diagnosis, she got a second opinion via multiple scans and tests at a world-renowned cancer center. Lo and behold, Cynthia was right (!!!) as the results show NO cancer anywhere. So with a clean bill of health, For Grace work is back at full speed. Thank you all for your prayers. They worked!

For Grace Celebrates 19 Years!

Today, For Grace leadership, Board and volunteers celebrate our 19th year of providing aid, comfort and empowerment to women in pain! The last year has offered special challenges to getting the good work done,  yet we persisted. Besides gender bias and the pain-cancer connection, this year we're focusing on trauma as a catalyst for high-impact chronic pain - and what can be done to end this devastating cycle.  Cheers to another great year to come!

April’s Story of the Month

We strongly recommend that you check out For Grace's April Story of the Month as we continue our sharings that knit chronic pain and trauma. Author Diana Whitney was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystisis in 2003 after a year of excruciating pelvic pain.  Besides using conventional treatments, Diana enlisted the assistance of bodyworkers and holistic healers who explored previous pelvic-region trauma as her pain's root. Now pain-free, Diana is giving voice to the young woman's experience, and is "determined to be honest and open, to model self-love and resilience, and to see myself as a survivor, not a victim." Her new book, You Don't Have to Be Everything, is an Amazon best seller, receiving accolades from Time  and the Boston Globe among  others.

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