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—Georgia O'Keefe
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2023 Conference Panel Shares Overcoming Trauma for Better Wellness

How does one mute the force of trauma once it becomes a driver for pain and illness? The "Trauma Release" panel at For Grace's 11th Annual Women In Pain Conference will provide some powerful, tried-and-true answers to this all-important question. Comprised of women in pain who will share their real-life stories, this panel will make known some of the critical tools and resources they used to move beyond trauma to a place of physical and emotional wellness. Join us on November 17th for this free, virtual event streaming from 10am to 3pm PT at For Grace's YouTube page.

11th Annual Conference Touts the Healing Power of Trauma Release

The healing power of trauma release techniques and strategies will be highlighted at For Grace's 11th Annual Women In Pain Conference: "The Trauma-Pain Connection - A Path to Recovery and Growth" slated for November 17th. Yale University and VA Connecticut clinical research psychologist, Dr. Mary Driscoll, will share the various methods one can utilize to recover from trauma, emphasizing emerging trends that aid women to overcome trauma-induced chronic pain.  Also Dr. Driscoll will discuss the importance of trauma-informed care in establishing wellness.

Survivors Share Stories of Post-Traumatic Growth at 2023 Conference

Spotlighted at For Grace's 11th Annual Women In Pain Conference on November 17th will be stories of recovery and growth  from the impact of trauma. Via video vignettes, folks will share their poignant, inspiring lived experiences of overcoming trauma and chronic pain, and in the process, how they developed richer, fuller lives - many who now make the world a better place. In addition, they'll reflect on the importance of resilience in forging  wellness and better days ahead.

Impact of Generational Trauma Eyed at 2023 WIP Conference

The impact of generational trauma on health and wellness will be highlighted at For Grace's 11th Annual Women In Pain Conference on November 17th. Dr. Noshene Ranjbar, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at University of Arizona College of Medicine, will share her work with Native American communities, keying on trauma-informed mental health healing based in mind-body medicine.  Dr. Ranjbar will highlight how trauma and its adverse health effects have devastated these communities via multiple generations of social and cultural disenfranchisement.

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