"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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For Grace’s 18th Birthday

On April 2nd, For Grace will celebrate 18 years of working tirelessly to promote care and wellness for women in pain. First, raising awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, then the gender bias in pain care, we've painted the globe through media, legislation, public speaking, music, events, writing, think tanks, etc. to forge our vision of making a better day for those challenged with life-altering, high-impact chronic pain. Cheers to many more years of good work to come!

April Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's April Story of the Month where we again spotlight the Chronic Pain-Cancer Connection! As a young woman, Lezli Kuntze developed breast cancer as a side effect to in vitro fertilization. After treatment and years of remission, she believes a prolonged, painful gall bladder attack triggered a different form of breast cancer. Lezli's decided to make her new fight fun and positive - and using her bald head as a pallet (Healing Head Art) encourages friends and family to paint expressions of "colour and love!"

2020 Conference Eyes Cancer & Pain

After taking a three year hiatus to host two summits and a Sacramento legislative briefing, we're happy to announce that For Grace will host its 10th annual Women In Pain Conference on Friday, September 4th. This year we'll focus on the connection between chronic pain and cancer (how chronic pain can lead to cancer, how cancer treatment often ignites chronic pain, etc.) and the healing benefits of integrative care. Due to COVID-19, we don't yet know whether the conference will have live attendance in Los Angeles or be done exclusively online. Check back for details...

Coronavirus Alert for Those With Pain

For those with high-impact chronic pain, anytime can lead to a crisis - but the Covid-19 pandemic brings even more potential harm. Immuno-suppression is a part of most chronic illnesses, and chronic pain is no exception. The team at For Grace encourages all to take special care. Please link HERE to see the US Center for Disease Control's coronavirus guidelines - as well as articles HERE and HERE that address chronic pain and the virus specifically. Stay calm and wash your hands...

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