"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
What's New
Pain-Cancer Connection Conference Moving Forward

We're excited at For Grace to be  on the move with our virtual September 24th 10th Annual Women In Pain Conference. Our day will be chock-full of world-class speakers that will explore the intersection of pain and cancer. The conference will be broken into four parts - Problem, Solution, Experience,  Moving On - and our presenters and panelists are now booked for their taping sessions.  This one-of-a-kind day will bring knowledge, inspiration, hope and laughs to those challenged with pain, cancer or both! Please check back soon for details...

Trauma and Expressive Therapy Spotlighted – Again!

Take Two! Due to a technical snafu, co-hosts Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett will do an encore broadcast of their monthly "The Trauma-Illness Paradigm" which streams live on The Mighty's Facebook pages. On Tuesday, July 13th at 1pm PST, Cynthia and John will again have a lively conversation about the power of expressive therapy to quell the adverse effects of trauma leading to chronic illness. Specifically, music will be featured as Cynthia just released her second CD, "Crazy", that is dedicated to "women in pain who know they're not." Whether it's dancing, art, acting or writing, it's healing to get troubles out through the creative process.

Music as Healer Explored on LoveLettersLive Podcast

LoveLettersLive podcast host Janet Gallin was joined today by For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint to talk about the healing power of music to overcome trauma, pain and chronic illness. Cynthia shared how her love of music continues to guide her through life's hardships, spotlighting her new CD, Crazy, that aims to inspire and comfort "Women In Pain Who Know They're Not."  Listen to this insightful, heartfelt conversation that'll be music to your ears!

July’s Story of the Month

As a lead up to For Grace's 10th annual Women In Pain conference that will explore the pain-cancer connection, we're re-visiting stories of people involved with the event. Planning Committee member Kristina Breen had been battling Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for a decade when two bouts of pre-cancer (atypical ductal hyperplasia and monoclonal gammaopathy) were thwarted. Confronted with a third, more serious cancer threat, she's beginning to think about how her pain and cancer are "starting to collide." Kristina's now focusing on how to become more empowered to heal herself as better health is "just out there, ready to be found."

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