"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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Cutting Edge Pain News on The Mighty

Join For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint on October 24th @ 1:30pm PT as she continues her "Miracle Makers" live stream series on The Mighty's Chronic Illness Facebook page. Interviewing inspiring women who are changing the chronic pain world for the better, this month Cynthia talks with researcher and woman in pain Christin Veasley, Director of the Chronic Pain Research Alliance. Christin will share what's cutting edge with pain treatment and policy - and how things are looking  up for those battling persistent pain. Join in with your questions and comments...

Pain Images Help Explain CRPS

Having Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is an overwhelming challenge – and one big reason is that others (family, friends, physicians, etc.) have a hard time understanding what your pain feels like. To help communicate your CRPS pain, For Grace has collaborated with leading pain advocacy organizations to develop a series of visualizations that can assist you. Better understanding of what you’re going through with CRPS will lead to improved compassion and care. Link HERE to see and download these helpful graphics. We’d love to hear how these images work for you. Please share your feedback by emailing us at forgracewip@yahoo.com.

October Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's October Story of the Month! Woman In Pain Charlene Crowley began having unusual symptoms in her mid-40's. Despite unexplained pain, stiffness, fatigue and severe double vision, she bravely continued her work in law enforcement until her progressing lack of wellness forced her into a full-time search for a diagnosis and treatment. After multiple doctor visits across many states with a laundry list of tests, however, Charlene was left with the diagnosis of "PSYCHOLOGICAL" as of her writing. She states, "I am at a total loss!"

Caregiving Explored on The Mighty

Join For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint as she continues her Miracle Makers live stream series on The Mighty's Chronic Illness Facebook page this Thursday, September 26 @ 1:30pm PT. This month Cynthia interviews Dr. Donna Benton who's an assistant research professor at the University of Southern California specializing in aging and caregiving. Dr. Benton will share insights on the challenges of caregiving for someone with a serious chronic illness, in particular those with persistent pain. She'll also give advice on how caregivers can practice self-care to stay healthy and well despite the stress.          

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