"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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For Grace Consults with Today Show

For Grace consulted on a special segment hosted by Maria Shriver on NBC's Today show that spoke to gender bias in healthcare. Among many aspects of this troubling topic, our spokesperson pointed out the enormous bias toward women in pain that often gets in the way of optimal care. Besides describing her decades long  experience of being told that her pain was all in her head, she spoke to the thousands of women who report similar complaints to For Grace. Here's a LINK to this in-depth segment.

Conventional Pain Care on The Mighty

Join For Grace: Women In Pain leaders Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett as they continue their monthly series about Integrative Care and Chronic Pain on The Mighty's Facebook Live this Thursday, July 26th @ 1:30pm. This month's topic: A look at Conventional Care (aka, Western or Traditional) and its pros and cons when it comes to pain relief. What has worked for you - and what has done harm?

We Need Your Pain Care Feedback

For Grace has teamed up with other advocacy groups and the pharmaceutical company Grunenthal to develop a survey that seeks insights into how your doctor is treating your chronic pain. Also, we're interested in hearing your perceptions about and experiences with pain assessment. Our goal is to build understanding of effective pain evaluation based on real life experiences. Please link here to take the survey - and thank you in advance for lending your all-important voice!

Complementary Pain Care Streamed

For Grace leaders John Garrett and Cynthia Toussaint continue their monthly series about Integrative Care and Chronic Pain on The Mighty's FB Live stream this Thursday, June 28th  @ 1:30pm PT. This month's topic - a look at complementary/alternative therapies and how they can provide relief and better quality of life. What "out of the box" therapies have you used and how did they work out? Join John and Cynthia to share your experiences, ask questions or just to say hi!

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