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For Grace’s Change Agent Pain Summit: Part One

“Your Voice, Your Solutions to Improving Pain Care”

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Change Agent Pain Summit: Part One Press Release

Change Agent Pain Summit: Part One Workbook

Friday, September 22nd, 2017 
8:30am – 4pm

California Endowment’s Center for Healthy Communities (Map & Directions)
1000 North Alameda Street (Across from Union Station and next to Chinatown)
Los Angeles, California 90012

In Association With
California Endowment
Community Partners
Los Angeles County of Public Health — Office of Women’s Health
The USC Pain Center

Be the Change You Want to See…

On behalf of For Grace, I invite you to a uniquely empowering event for people living with chronic pain and their caregivers.

It’s our Change Agent Pain Summit: Part One to be hosted on Friday, September 22, 2017 at the California Endowment’s Center for Healthy Communities in downtown Los Angeles.

For Grace is thrilled to be hosting a new event this year – one that will give women and men with chronic pain a voice in improving pain care for themselves and others challenged by daily, persistent chronic pain.

During this exciting day of story telling and discovery, you’ll have the opportunity to share with us what is and isn’t working for you when it comes to receiving quality pain care.  Together we’ll uncover barriers to care, highlight best practices and accelerate solutions that will be shared with healthcare and policy leaders during our Part Two event in June 2018.

Also, we’ll dive deep into the National Institutes of Health’s National Pain Strategy, the most hopeful report ever produced to place chronic pain on the map as a serious public health problem in the US. We’ll look at the Strategy’s groundbreaking recommendations, including integrative pain management as “best practice.”

Join us on September 22nd – and tell us what keeps you from getting the best care you deserve. Also the day will provide an excellent chance to network and find community with others going through the same hardships and triumphs as you!

Among the day’s highlights will be an award-winning art gallery by Woman In Pain Radene Marie Cook, an interactive, World Café-style afternoon facilitated by Woman In Pain Mindy Meyer and a healing presentation by Spiritualist and Kundalini yoga instructor True (Catherine Townsley.)

Our keynote speaker will be Bob Twillman, Ph.D.,  Executive Director of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management, who will share the benefits of the National Pain Strategy and integrative medicine.

Also, we’re honored that Dr. Susan Samueli, founder of the UC Irvine Center for Integrative Medicine, will be this year’s recipient of our Patron of Women’s Rights Award.

Please scroll below to see our exciting program and to register. For those who won’t  be able to join us in person, there’ll be a free, live worldwide webcast starting at 9am PT via summit sponsor TVPLive.com!

Become a Change Agent for women and men facing the same challenges as you. Be their inspiration and hope for better care.

We look forward to seeing you on a day sure to empower, inspire, enlighten and educate – For Grace’s Change Agent Pain Summit: Part One!

John Garrett
Director, For Grace

2017 Conference Planning Committee:

Kristina Breen
 Jennifer Hughes
Radene Marie Cook Mindy Meyer
Dana Gambill   Dr. Susan Nyanzi
Katie Gardner Cynthia Toussaint

Target Audience

Women and Men who experience chronic pain and their personal caregivers.

Summit Program

“Your Voice, Your Solutions to Improving Pain Care”

“National Pain Strategy: Why It Matters and How It Can Really Matter” – Bob Twillman, Ph.D., Executive Director, Academy of Integrative Pain Management

8:15 – 9:00am Registration
9:00 – 9:10 Summit Welcome and Introduction – Cynthia Toussaint, Founder, For Grace and John Garrett, Director, For Grace
9:10 – 9:15 Agenda Review – Mindy Meyer, Lead Mediator, Center for Collaborative Policy, California State University, Sacramento
9:15 – 9:45 “The Stories We Tell” Presentation by Spiritualist and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, True (Catherine Townsley)
9:45 – 10:30 Pain Care Problem Panel: What Works, What Not So Much”— Moderator: Bob Twillman, Ph.D.; Panelists: Jon Bassinger-Flores, Services Coordinator, Ithaca College – Los Angeles and Person in Pain Caregiver; Dr. Narcisso Flores-Bassinger, Expressive Arts Consultant, Path Back to Wellness and Person In Pain; Rhona Lopez, CEO, KM Hub LLC Management and Person In Pain; Katie O’Leary, Contributor, National Pain Report and Person In Pain
10:30 – 10:45  Morning Break
10:45 – 11:30 “National Pain Strategy: Why It Matters and How It Can Really Matter” – Keynote Speaker Bob Twillman, Ph.D., Executive Director, Academy of Integrative Pain Management
11:30 – 11:45 Presentation of the 2017 “Patron of Women’s Rights” Award – Recipient: Dr. Susan Samueli, Founder of the UC Irvine Center for Integrative Medicine
11:45 – 12:45pm Lunch
12:45 – 1:00  Gallery Walk
1:00 – 2:15 “Interactive Session #1, World Café” –  Small Group Breakout Rounds Facilitated by Mindy Meyer, Lead Mediator, Center for Collaborative Policy, California State University, Sacramento and Person In Pain
– What Are our Barriers to Care (Rounds 1 & 2)
– Group as a Whole; Discussion on Rounds 1 & 2
2:15 – 2:30 Afternoon Break 
2:30 – 3:45 “Interactive Session #2, World Café”Small Group Breakout Rounds Facilitated by Mindy Meyer

– How Does the National Pain Strategy Address Those Barriers to Care and What Can Be Added to Strengthen the NPS? (Rounds 3 & Round 4)

– Group as a Whole; Discussion on Rounds 3 & 4

3:45 – 4:00
 Wrap Up,  Next Steps, Reflections and Gratitude

Catch For Grace’s 2017 summit  highlight video
(Professional photography by Gaby Alvarez; The Tide Is High performed by Cynthia Toussaint)