"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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October’s Story of the Month

As our October Story of the Month feature, we have the challenging journey of Gail Williamson. Gail first began feeling constant pain at age seven, but was berated by dismissive doctors till she was in her 40's. Gail shares that her FM and migraine pain could easily have brought her down if not for the passion of making a difference everyday with her advocacy work. Like so many women in pain, Gail's a survivor!

For Grace Work Recognized

PainPathways Magazine, as part of their effort to hightlight September as Pain Awareness Month, is putting the spotlight on For Grace as well as two other pain advocacy organizations for their exemplary work to better the lives of those challenged by chronic pain. Featured For Grace projects included our extensive media and legislative outreach, our annual Women In Pain conference and our memoir, Battle for Grace.

Live 2016 WIP Webcast Here

Send your chronic pain packin' at the 2016 Women In Pain Conference: "Pain Takes a Vacation." Catch the live, free webcast of the entire conference on September 23rd starting @ 9am PT by linking HERE. Hula dancing, ukelele and slack key guitar, Tiki bar, leis and so much more make this a day of "get-away" while learning about the benefits of healthy distraction for pain management. Aloha!

More Great Conference Media

HealthCentral.com is running an infographic about pain and distraction to compliment For Grace's 9th annual Women In Pain Conference: Pain Takes a Vacation. Also, two great articles are debuting this week on the National Pain ReportWomen In Pain Conference Draws Top Psychologist spotlights our morning keynote speaker Dr. Kristen Slater. And A Woman in Pain Prepares to Talk to Women In Pain features conference speaker Dr. Susan Nyanzi and her advice for better wellness through the distractions of healthy exercise and nutrition.

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