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Get the Facts About Migraine – and Take Control

They’re No Joke!

Migraine is the third most prevalent illness and sixth most disabling illness in the world – yet there’s still much misunderstanding and lack of information about this serious chronic pain condition that impacts one billion people across the globe.

Learn more about migraine – and see what you can do to manage this challenging condition, while finding better quality of life, by checking out these great educational tools and resources…


Migraine Wellness Tools and Resources: 

WebMD: Migraine Support & Resources

National Headache Foundation: Your Migraine, Your Symptoms

Medscape: Migraine Center of Excellence

American Migraine Foundation: Diet & Migraine

Migraine Again: Migraine 101

Pain Free Living: Tension Headache or Migraine – How to Tell the Difference

Migraine Again: 12 Ways to Win Your Battle with Chronic Migraines

Migraine Again: How to Be the Best Parent, Despite Your Pain

National Pain Report: Migraine 911 Care-Kit

Migrainuer Magazine: Managing Your Migraine 

UCLA Health U Magazine: Pain Like No Other


Migraine-Related Organizations and Blogs:

National Headache Foundation

Migraine Again

American Headache Society

MAGNUM: The National Migraine Association

International Headache Society

Migraine Research Foundation

Migrainuer Magazine

My Migraine Brain

Migraine Buddy


Migraine, First Person:

Living With Migraines For Almost Twenty Years

How I Stopped Fighting and Turned My Attacks Into Fuel

I Never Commit Unless I Know They Will Understand If I Cancel

I Have to Advocate For Myself Every Step of the Way

Speak Your Migraine: Videos

True Stories: Living With Migraines

Migraine Research Foundation: Chelsea

Migraine Research Foundation: Anna Maria

My Migraine Brain: Growing Up With Migraines

My Migraine Brain: Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again

My Never-Ending Migraine

Invisible Agony: The Daily Life of a Person with Migraine

Migraine Breakthroughs:

Teva to present new fremanezumab FOCUS Clinical Study Data for the first time at the 13th European Headache Federation Congress

Nerve Stimulation Medical Devices for Migraine Headache


Migraine Videos: