"I strongly recommend daily journal writing to everyone, especially women in pain. I believe it had the power to heal me."
—Cynthia Toussaint
The Fire Within Blog

For Grace Founder and Spokesperson Cynthia Toussaint shares her unique perspectives on the chronic pain experience!

Now Is All We Have

I’m troubled, but not surprised, to learn that health researchers don’t give me a great shot at surviving the next five years. To add insult to injury, they pegged my “health age”...


New Beginnings

New beginnings have molded my life for 33 years of illness, something every woman in pain can relate with. Reflecting upon my first blog here on For Grace’s new website, I’m...


We All Have a Comeback Story

In the midst of Vegas glitz, this woman in pain came “full circle” by wow’ing the crowd. This time with a cause. When I was invited to panel at a pain advocacy event in April, I...


Making the Impossible Possible

We goal-oriented women in pain need to remember there’s always more than one way to skin a cat – (apologies to my sweet kitties, Zan and Haydee!) And let’s face it, ladies, we’re...


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