Only through increased awareness and education will crucial early diagnosis and effective treatment become a reality – the best opportunity to improve the lives of women challenged by chronic pain.

About For Grace

Founded in 2002, For Grace’s main goal is to increase awareness and promote education of the gender disparity women experience in the assessment and treatment of their pain.

We believe empowering women to be better consumers for their pain management care, sensitizing the general public to gender pain disparities and enlightening public policy makers about pain as a major health issue will improve life outcomes for all women in chronic pain.

Also, we see increased medical research about the differences in how men and women experience pain as part of the answer to alleviating the toll of human suffering. We believe medical research will pave the way for gender-specific therapies that will better manage persistent pain.

For Grace will succeed in meeting its awareness and education goals by utilizing a wide range of methods—mainly through the use of mass media, public education and policy outreach.

As a powerful and unique contribution to our awareness efforts, For Grace is working creatively with a wide-range of supporting artists (actors, dancers, musicians, visual artists, etc.) to paint a metaphorical mural of the women in pain experience for awareness and education purposes.

Our first five years were dedicated to raising awareness of the chronic pain disease, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (formerly known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.)


For Grace will provide the foundation for women to have their pain managed effectively and without bias through self-empowerment, public awareness and legislative advocacy.

Through these collective actions, women in pain will no longer be victimized by cultural myths and professional misconceptions, which most often result in the discounting and/or dismissal of their pain reports as being “all in their head”, “psychogenic”, “hysterical”, “hormonal”, or otherwise “not real”, and may lead to serious or life-threatening medical consequences.

All women will be guaranteed a standard of pain care comparable to their male counterparts and will be allowed to express their pain experience in a way that is true to their nature.

Ultimately, For Grace will enable women to improve the quality of their lives and to be empowered with the self-dignity to demand this basic human right.


Courage & Dignity
We will strive to improve the lives of women in chronic pain with fearlessness and passion. Our work ethic embodies the dignity that these women, their families and caregivers rightfully deserve.

Creativity & Originality
We, with our collective artistic backgrounds, will paint a metaphorical mural that compassionately displays the world of women in chronic pain. We will utilize the fine arts, not only to raise awareness and to promote education, but also to hold a looking glass to this unique experience. We will create fresh and innovative concepts to meet our goals.

Determination & Perseverance
We, with steadfastness and a “never-give-up” attitude, will work diligently to meet the promise of this organization. “No” does not stand in our way, nor make us timid. Climbing the highest peak is a challenge we take on with vitality and vigor.