"One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time."
—Barbara Walters

Media Appearances

HealthyWomen.Org – June 2024
“When It Came to My Breast Cancer, I Did It My Way”

ACPA’s Chronicle – June 2024
“Surprises That Come With Caregiving” 

Pain News Network – April 2024
“Painful Choices About a Safe Space” 

Pain News Network  – February 2024
“A Guardian Angel Stronger Than Pain”

Pain News Network – November 2023
“The Trauma-Pain Connection Explored at For Grace’s Women In Pain Conference” 

CPR Podcast – November 2023
“Cynthia Toussaint: Founder, For Grace” 

Los Angeles Times – August 2023
“Depression is a Natural Result of Chronic Pain” 

Pain News Network – July 2023
“Take Care of Maya”: The High Cost of a Mother’s Love

Pain News Network – June  2023
“Painfully Stepping Over the Line”

Trauma Talk on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – May 2023
“Episode #4: Mary Driscoll, Ph.D.”

RSDSA  Facebook Live Stream – May 2023
“Guests: For Grace’s Cynthia Toussaint & John Garrett”

Trauma Talk on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – April 2023
“Episode #3: Audrey Stillerman, M.D.”

Trauma Talk on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – March 2023
“Episode #2: Michaela Hass, Ph.D.”

Pain News Network – March 2023
“A Window Into the Impossible: A Pain-Free Life”

Trauma Talk on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – February 2023
“Episode #1: Kathleen Sutherland”

HealthyWomen.org – February 2023
“Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Chronic Pain”

Pain News Network – January 2023
“Learning to Cope with Childhood Trauma”

Apple News – November 2022
“The Ever-Changing Rules of CRPS”

The Invisible Podcast – November 2022
“Premier Episode: Cynthia Toussaint”

Pain News Network – October 2022
“Finding Peace While Fighting Cancer and Pain”

The Trauma Chronicles on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – September 2022
“Episode #5: Mahshid Hager”

The Trauma Chronicles on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – August 2022
“Episode #4: Stephanie Weaver”

Pain News Network – July 2022
“Be Careful for What You Wish For: Cancer Is Not a Way Out From Pain”

The Trauma Chronicles on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – April 2022
“Episode #3: Dr. Jennifer Pierce”

New York Times Magazine – April 2022
“Can Virtual Reality  Help Ease Chronic Pain?”

Pain News Network – April 2022
“Breathless: My Anger at a Failing Body”

The Trauma Chronicles on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – March 2022
“Episode #2: Ingrid Brown”

The Trauma Chronicles on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – February 2022
“Episode #1: Heather Grace”

The Doctors – January 2022
“Dopesick: How the Sacklers Made the Opioid Crisis”

Pain News Network – January 2022
“Saving My Soul From a Real-Life Dopesick”

Pain News Network – November 2021
“The High Price of Being Your Own Advocate”

US Pain Foundation’s KNOWvember Campaign – November 2021
“Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: ‘One of the Most Challenging Problems in All of Medicine” 

Bump In The Road Podcast – November 2021
“Cynthia Toussaint: Healing Through Expressive Therapy”

Los Angeles Times – October 2021
“Pain Is Pain: Why Do Women Suffer Disproportionately?”

Pain News Network – September 2021
“Finding Life in the Midst of the “Pain-Cancer Connection”

Pain News Network – August 2021
“The Ever Changing Rules of CRPS”

Pain News Network – July 2021
“The ‘Crazy’ Healing Power of Music” 

LoveLettersLive Podcast – June 2021
“Guest: Cynthia Toussaint Talks the Healing Power of Music Therapy”

The Trauma-Illness Paradigm on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – June 2021
“Episode #4: John Garrett & Cynthia Toussaint”

NewClevelandRadio.net – June 2021
“Part Two with Cynthia Toussaint & John Garrett”

NewClevelandRadio.net – June 2021
“Heart Mojo with Melinda Smith”

The Trauma-Illness Paradigm on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – May 2021
“Episode #3: Diana Whitney”

LoveLettersLive Podcast – May 2021
“Guest: Cynthia Toussaint Talks Trauma and Pain”

Pain News Network – May 2021
“COVID Vaccine Anxiety: What If You Are Immunocompromised?”

The INvisible Project – April 2021
“It’s Not in Her Head”

The Trauma-Illness Paradigm on The Mighty’s Facebook Live – April 2021
“Episode #2: Maria Socolof”

Pain News Network – March 2021
“My Cancer Is Back: Facing Surgery with CRPS”

The Trauma-Illness Paradigm on The Mighty Facebook Live – February 2021
“Episode #1: Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett Kick-Off New Live”

The Resilience Series – February 2021
“Host: Stephanie Weaver; Guest: Cynthia Toussaint”

NewsBreak – January 2021
“Finding Grace in Family-Induced Pain and Trauma”

Pain News Network – January 2021
“Finding Grace in Family-Induced Pain and Trauma”

The Pain-Cancer Connection on The Mighty Facebook Live – December 2020
“Episode #10: Celine Tien”

HealthyWomen.com – December 2020
“Chronic Pain Drove Me to Despair, but Cancer Taught Me to Heal”

The Pain-Cancer Connection on The Mighty Facebook Live – November 2020
“Episode #9: Cynthia & John”

Pain News Network – November 2020
“Scanxiety: My Fear of Cancer Recurrence”

Ms.Magazine.com – October 2020
“Gender Bias in Health Care is Playing a Dangerous Role in COVID-19 Care”

The Pain-Cancer Connection on The Mighty Facebook Live – October 2020
“Episode #8: Tom Norris”

The Pain-Cancer Connection on The Mighty Facebook Live – September 2020
“Episode #7: Donna Pinto”

Let’s Talk with Brian Bielanski – September 2020
“Chronic Pain & Breast Cancer Survivor, Cynthia Toussaint”

Pain News Network – September 2020
“Surviving COVID Together”

Bump In The Road Podcast – August 2020
“Cynthia Toussaint on Life, Healing and Helping Others”

Pain News Network – July 2020
“The Wisdom of CRPS: Making My Final Cancer Treatment Decision”

The Pain-Cancer Connection on The Mighty Facebook Live – July 2020
“Episode #6: John Garrett”

Pain News Network – June 2020
“Playing With Fire: Should I Have Cancer Surgery?”

The Pain-Cancer Connection on The Mighty Facebook Live – June 2020
“Episode #5: Dr. Susan Nyanzi”

The Pain-Cancer Connection on The Mighty Facebook Live – May 2020
“Episode #4: Dr. Wayne Jonas”

National Pain Report – April 2020
“Stick, Stones and Words That Hurt”

The Pain-Cancer Connection on The Mighty Facebook Live – April 2020
“Episode #3: Karen Smith”

National Pain Report – March 2020
“Riding the Rough C’s”

The Pain-Cancer Connection on The Mighty Facebook Live – March 2020
“Episode #2: Michael Eselun” 

National Pain Report – March 2020
“Cancer ‘Healthcare’ Leaves Me in the Grip of Fear”

The Pain-Cancer Connection on The Mighty Facebook Live – February 2020
“Episode #1: John Garrett” 

National Pain Report – February 2020
“Finding Chemo”

National Pain Report – January 2020
“CRPS Survey Is Open – Let Your Voice Be Heard”

National Pain Report – December 2019
“Finding My Cancer Cake”

Miracle Makers on ForGrace.org Podcast – December 2019
“Episode #9: Jane Goodall 

National Pain Report – December 2019
“Awakening From the Edge”

National Pain Report – October 2019
“Category 5 Shit Storm With No Umbrella”

Miracle Makers on The Mighty Facebook Live – October 2019
“Episode #8: Christin Veasley 

National Pain Report – September 2019
“Diagnosis: The Worst”

Miracle Makers on The Mighty Facebook Live – September 2019
“Episode #7: Dr. Donna Benton 

National Pain Report – September 2019
“Talking About Pain Event A Success”

National Pain Report – August 2019
“Flowers for Malignancy”

National Pain Report – August 2019
“A California Pain Policy May Be in the Works”

National Pain Report – August 2019
“Can California Change What’s Happening in Chronic Pain Treatment?”

Miracle Makers on The Mighty Facebook Live – July 2019
“Episode #6: Dr. Melissa Cady 

National Pain Report – July 2019
“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”

Miracle Makers on The Mighty Facebook Live – June 2019
Episode #5 – Dr. Susan Samueli

National Pain Report – June 2019
“The Torturous Fog of Fatigue”

The Mighty – May 2019
“My Request for the Black Hole Scientists, On Behalf of People In Pain”

Miracle Makers on The Mighty Facebook Live – May 2019
“Episode #4: Nicole Smith” 

National Pain Report – May 2019
“The Black Hole of Pain”

Miracle Makers on The Mighty Facebook Live – April 2019
“Episode #3: Maya Dusenbery” 

National Pain Report – April 2019
“Losing One Is Losing Many”

Miracle Makers on The Mighty Facebook Live – March 2019
“Episode #2: Karen “Duff” Duffy” 

National Pain Report – March 2019
“Relaxing Into Wellness”

National Public Radio Invisibilia – March 2019
“The Fifth Vital Sign”

National Pain Report – February 2019
“For Whom the Bell Rung”

Miracle Makers on The Mighty Facebook Live –  February 2019
“Episode #1: Ginerva Liptan, M.D.” 

National Pain Report – January 2019
“Aging Painfully”

Pain Out Loud – January 2019
“Cynthia Toussaint: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome”

The Mighty Facebook Live –  December 2018
“Integrative Care Series: Holiday Self-Healing”

FOX News National – December 2018
“Health Experts Offer Solutions for Unintended Consequences of Opioid Crackdown”

FOX News National – December 2018
“Doctors Caught Between Struggling Opioid Patients and Crackdown on Prescriptions”

National Pain Report – December 2018
“The Gift of Grieving”

FOX News National – December 2018
“As Doctors Taper or End Opioid Prescriptions, Many Patients Driven to Despair, Suicide”

The Mighty Facebook Live –  November 2018
“Integrative Care Series: Grieving”

National Pain Report – November 2018
“Give Me a Break!”

National Pain Report – October 2018
“California Pain Poll Shows Dramatic Results”

LoveLettersLive.com – October 2018
“Chronic Pain Summit Is Back!”

National Pain Report – October 2018
“Survey: 100 Chronic Pain Patients Needed”

The Mighty Facebook Live –  October 2018
“Integrative Care Series: Living Authentically” 

National Pain Report – October 2018
“Does Implementing the National Pain Report at the State Level Make Sense?”

National Pain Report – October 2018
“Trying To Do It My Way”

KCAL LA – October 2018
“Chronic Pain Advocate Talks About Epidemic of Opioid Addiction”

National Pain Report – October 2018
“National Chronic Pain Advocate Joins California Effort to Improve Pain Treatment”

National Pain Report – October 2018
“Opinion: Are Things Changing in Chronic Pain?”

National Pain Report – October 2018
“Can California Lead the Way on Chronic Pain ?”

The Mighty Facebook Live – September 2018
“Integrative Care Series: Self-Love” 

National Pain Report – September 2018
“Love The One You’re With”

The Mighty Facebook Live – August 2018
“Integrative Care Series: Forgiveness”

National Pain Report – August 2018
“Forgive Me, But Forgiveness Ain’t Easy”

Today Show – July 2018
“Gender Bias in Healthcare May Be Harming Women’s Health”

The Mighty Facebook Live – July 2018
“Integrative Care Series: Conventional Care”

National Pain Report – July 2018
“The Two Faces of Conventional Care”

The Mighty Facebook Live – June 2018
“Integrative Care Series: Complementary/Alternative Care”

National Pain Report – June 2018
“Complementary Compliments Pain Care”

The Seated View Facebook Live – June 2018
“An Interview with Cynthia Toussaint”

The Seated View – June 2018
For Grace Works to Implement National Pain Strategy in California

The Mighty Facebook Live – May 2018
“Integrative Care Series: Cure vs. Healing”

The Catalyst – May 2018
“Projects In the News”

Centessial Vitalitaet – May 2018
“Meine Krankheit gab min Kraft, anderen zu helfen”

National Pain Report – May 2018
“Healing is the Cure for Better Wellness”

The Mighty Facebook Live – April 2018
“Integrative Care Series: Happiness vs. Meaning”

National Pain Report – April 2018
“Doing Harm : Damn Right”

National Pain Report – March 2018
“From Pain to Purpose”

The Mighty Facebook Live – March 2018
“Integrative Care Series: Chronic Loneliness”

Managing Pain Magazine – March 2018
“Voices of Pain”

The  Mighty Facebook Live – February 2018
“Integrative Care Series: Intuitive Wisdom”

National Pain Report – February 2018
“My Story: Painfully Lonely”

The  Mighty Facebook Live – January 2018
“Integrative Care Series: What Is Integrative Care?”

National Pain Report – January 2018
“The Premonition of Pain”

National  Pain Report – December 2017
“Don’t Be Afraid to Scream”

National Pain Report – November 2017
“Is Integrated Care the Answer to the Opioid Issue?”

PainMatters.com – November 2017
“Caregiver Perspectives”

National Pain Report – November 2017
“With Pain Care, #MeToo”

MS  and Me Radio – November 2017
Caroline Craven’s “Girl With MS”

National Pain Report – October 2017
“People In Pain, Loud and Proud Change Agents”

Pain News Network – October 2017
“Would You Support a Boycott of CVS?”

National Pain Report – September 2017
“Putting the Patient Voice into Chronic Pain Policy”

DrJoeTatta.com – September 2017
“Remember Self-Care: The Most Important Part of Chronic Pain Treatment and Relief”

KPFK-FM – September 2017
“Access Unlimited”

CBS2 Los Angeles – September 2017
“Nonprofit Seeks To Raise Awareness For Women Battling Chronic Pain”

The Mighty Facebook Live – September 2017
“Chronic Illness Page”

National Pain Report – August 2017
“Finding Hope In Integrative Care”

National Pain Report – July 2017
“Dizzy with Over-Care”

Butterflies of Wisdom Podcast – July 2017
Guest: Cynthia Toussaint

National Pain Report – June 2017
“Small Miracles: Pain and Emotional Healing”

HealthyWealthySmart.com – June 2017
“Living with Grace (and CRPS)”

The Mighty Facebook Live – June 2017
“Chronic Illness Page”

National Pain Report –  May 2017
“Pain  World Misfit”

National Pain Report – April 2017
“Unfriending My Pain”

National Pain Report – March 2017
“Remission Impossible”

National Pain Report – February 2017
“Heart Sisters”

National Pain Report – January 2017
“The Comfort That Doesn’t”

The Mighty—December 2016
“The Holiday ‘Digital Divide’ for Women with Chronic Pain”

National Pain Report—December 2016
The Good Doctors – Part Two

National Pain Report—November 2016
“The Good Doctors”

The Mighty—October 2016
“Reinventing Myself After Chronic Pain Ended My Career as a Ballerina”

National Pain Report—October 2016
“Using the Arts to Treat Chronic Pain”

National Pain Report—October 2016
“Stamina: Not Just a Buzzword for Women In Pain”

KBRITE-AM—October 2016
“Change is in the Air ”

PainPathways Magazine—September 2016
“Spotlight on 3 Valuable Pain Awareness Groups”

National Pain Report—September 2016
“A Woman In Pain Prepares to Speak to Women In Pain”

National Pain Report—September 2016
“Women In Pain Conference Draws Top Psychologist”

HealthCentral.com—September 2016
“10 Best Ways to Distract Yourself from Pain”

KBRITE 740 AM—September 2016
“Change is in the Air”

KPFK-FM—September 2016
“Access Unlmited”

National Pain Report—September 2016
“My Passion for Distraction”

PainPathways—Fall 2016
“New Technology for Caregivers”

LoveLetersLive.com—September 2016
“Women In Pain Conference Takes a (Hawaiian) Vacation”

Arthritis Today—October 2016
“The Pain Pill Problem”

National Pain Report—August 2016
“Women In Pain Conference to Take a Vacation—Literally”

National Pain Report—August 2016
“The Crime of Chronic Pain”

The Boston Globe—July 2016
“Living in a box: stories of chronic pain”

National Pain Report—July 2016
“CRPS: A Stacked Deck”

National Pain Report—June 2016
“Purple Tears: It Could Have Been Me”

National Pain Report—May 2016
“Opioids: Medicine or Candy?”

National Pain Report—May 2016
“My Story: Our Painful Memories—Friend or Foe?”

National Pain Report—April 2016
“Catastrophizing vs. Rational Alarm”

National Pain Report—April 2016
“The Chronic Pain Room”

National Pain Report—March 2016
“My Story: Stop the Stereotyping About Chronic Pain”

MariaShriver.com—March 2016
“Remember This Super Bowl Ad? It Showed the Need for Us to Open Our Hearts & Minds”

Examiner.com—March 2016
“Dancer Cynthia Toussaint from fields of torment to permanent beauty and grace”

National Pain Report—Febraury 2016
“My Story: Healthcare Companies Causing Pain”

Los Angeles Times (CA)—February 2016
“What the Super Bowl constipation ad didn’t say”

Forbes.com—February 2016
OICisDifferent: The Drug Behind The Super Bowl 50 Constipation Ad”

National Pain Report—February 2016
“My Story: The Suicide Dance”

LoveLettersLive.com—January 2016
“Cynthia Toussaint from fields of torment to permanent beauty and grace”

National Pain Report—November 2015
“Resilience to Chronic Pain – Some Tips”

National Pain Report—November 2015
“Interview: Coping with Chronic Pain”

National Pain Report—October 2015
“A Mother Daughter Team Fights Fibro, RA, CRPS and More”

National Pain Report—September 2015
“Some Gain & Some Strain for Women In Pain”

National Pain Report—September 2015
“Surprising Argument Over Chronic Pain Resiliency Erupts”

National Pain Report—September 2015
“Positive Emotions Can Help Fight Chronic Pain”

ABC7 (Los Angeles, CA)—September 2015
“2015 Women In Pain Conference Coverage”

National Pain Report—September 2015
“Pain Treatment for Women Improving—Still a Ways to Go”

KBRITE AM—September 2015
“Change Is In the Air with Nicole Smith”

HealthCentral.com—September 2015
“Using Burlesque and Pole Dancing to Come Back from Chronic Pain”

KPFK FM—September 2015
“Access Unlimited”

WSRQ AM—September 2015
“Salt & Light Radio”

National Pain Report—September 2015
“Women In Pain Conference to Focus on Resiliency”

National Pain Report—August 2015
“Cursing Chronic Pain? For Grace Says Yes!”

PainMatters.com—July 2015
“Beyond the Suffering, My Battle for Grace”

OhISee.com—July 2015
“Managing Chronic Pain—Cynthia’s Story”

National Pain Report—April 2015
“National Pain Strategy – Is It Focused On The Right Things?”

National Pain Report—April 2015
“We All Have a Comeback Story”

Lifescript.com—March 2015
“How a Hamstring Tear Derailed a Dancer’s Life”

East Windsor’s HamletHub—February 2015
“Former dancer deals with debilitating chronic pain disorder”

TheMindBodyShift.com—January 2015
“Former Ballerina Battles For Grace in Face of Complex Chronic Pain Syndrome”

LA-Story.com—January 2015
“Chronic Pain Is More Prevalent than Thought. Cynthia Toussaint & John Garrett Share 411”

MamaNaturalista.com—December 2014
“Cynthia Toussaint: A Ballerina’s Story Of Poise, Pain & Triumph”

BlogTalkRadio.com—December 2014
“Ask MomRN Show” (Segment starts at 33:30)

DisruptiveWomen.com—December 2014
“Managing Chronic Pain”

MedCrunch.com—December 2014
“Cynthia’s Story: Helping Women Who Live with Chronic Pain”

MelisaSource.com—December 2014
“Living With Chronic Pain: Cynthia Toussaint, FAME Ballerina Shares Her Story”

Motherhood-Moment.com—December 2014
“Healthy Habits: OIC and Chronic Pain”

Examiner.com—December 2014
“Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett work together to fight chronic pain”

CandyWashington.com—December 2014
“Interview: Cynthia Toussaint, ballerina from “FAME” reveals her secret”

HealthCentral.com—November 2014
“Telling Their Story: Women In Pain Survey”

Cerritos College Talon Marks (CA)—September 2014
“Using Art to Cope with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome”

National Pain Report—September 2014
“Miss Understood: My Invisible Support Group”

National Pain Report —September 2014
“Women in Pain Report Significant Gender Bias”

healthcentral.com—September 2014
“2014 7th Annual Women In Pain Conference”

KCAA NBC Radio—September 2014
“Change is in the Air”

National Pain Report —August 2014
“Robin Williams and the Power of Truth-Telling”

PainPathways Magazine—August 2014
“A Different Kind of Hero”

National Pain Report—August 2014
“Women in Pain Survey Getting Brisk Response”

Pajama Daze Blog—August 2014
“Book Review: Battle for Grace”

LA Talk Radio —August 2014
“The Mother Love Show”

KPFK-FM (Los Angeles, CA)—August 2014
“Access Unlimited”

National Pain Report —August 2014
“Women In Pain: Tell Us How You Feel”

NIH Network—May 2014
“9th Annual NIH Pain Consortium Symposium”

National Journal—April 2014
“Stakeholders Offer Solutions to Prescription Drug Abuse”

AMA Wire—April 2014
“Federal lawmakers receive policy recommendations to halt Rx abuse”

CaregiversForHome.com—December 2013
“Amid Chronic Pain: Dreams Came True”

The Discovery Channel—November 2013
“Pain Matters” (For Grace partnered with, consulted on and is featured in this documentary)

HealthCentral.com—October 2013
“For Grace: A Voice for Women in Pain”

HealthCentral.com—September 2013
“Battle for Grace: An Interview with Cynthia Toussaint”

National Pain Report —September 2013
“Women in Pain Conference Draws Worldwide Web Audience”

National Pain Report —September 2013
“Getting Real: The Women In Pain Conference”

Caregiversforhome.com—September 2013
“Listen Up! 5 Tips for Being an Engaged Caregiver”

KPFK-FM (Los Angeles, CA)—September 2013
“Access Unlimited”

PainResource.com—September 2013
“Breaking Pointe: Going toe to toe with pain and sharing what she’s learned”

KCAA 1070 AM Radio—August 2013
“Change Is In the Air”

PainPathways Magazine—Fall 2013
“Getting Real with Pain”

PainResource.com—August 2013
“Monday Mantra: Be Inspired”

National Pain Report—July 2013
“Are Doctors Paying Attention to Women in Pain?”

National Pain Report —June 2013
“Why Step Therapy Needs to Stop”

LA Talk Radio—May 2013
“The Mother Love Show”

The California Channel—April 2013
“Assembly Health Hearing on AB 889”

MariaShriver.com—April 2013
“Words of Love”

National Pain Report —April 2013
“A Caregiver’s Journey with Pain and Self-Discovery”

PainPathways Magazine—April 2013
“A Pain-Wrecked Life… And How Recovery and Love Became Possible”

National Pain Report—April 2013
“Abused Women More Susceptible To Pain”

SIRIUS XM Radio—April 2013
“Aches and Gains”

National Pain Report—April 2013
“One Woman’s Story of a 30 Year Battle with Chronic Pain”

A Chronic Dose—March 2013
“Battle for Grace”

The Shriver Report—March 2013
“5 New Can’t-Miss Articles”

MariaShriver.com—March 2013
“Overcoming Suffering, Battling for Grace”


Media Appearances 2002-2012

BlogTalkRadio—November 2012
“Winning Life Through Pain”

American Progress Report—October 2012
“California Governor Vetoes Step Therapy Bill”

ABCNews.com—September 2012
“Annual Women In Pain Conference Focuses on Relationships”

KPFK-FM (Los Angeles,CA)—September 2012
“Access Unlimited”

American News Report—September 2012
“Patient’s Seek Faster Access to Pain Meds That Work”

LA Talk Radio (CA)—September 2012
“The Mother Love Show”

California Watch—July 2012
“Patient advocates, drugmakers fight insurers’ pain pill policies”

The California Channel—June 2012
“Senate Health Committee Testimony for AB 369”

Northstate Public Radio NPR (CA)—June 2012
“Morning Edition & All Things Considered”

San Gabriel Valley Tribune (CA)—June 2012
“Delay turns into disease for California women”

“Winning Life Through Pain” Talk Radio—May 2012
“How to be a Caregiver of someone with RSD”

ABCNews.com—April 2012
“Cancer Patients Suffer Unnecessary Pain”

PainLive.com—March/April 2012
“It’s Time to Put a Stop to Step Therapy”

myregence.com—March 2012
“Managing the Stress of Chronic Pain”

Comcast Cable Access (Sacramento, CA)—March 2012
“Live Wire”

Southern California Physician & MDNG Pain Management Magazines—March/April 2012
“Delay No More”

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer—February 2012
“Women In Pain”

ABCNews.com—January 2012
“Do Women Feel More Pain Than Men? Study says, ‘Yes'”

blogtalkradio.com—December 2011
“Winning Life Through Pain”

The California Channel—December 2011
“CA Informational Hearing about Opioid Abuse: Testimony”

MDNG Magazine—September 2011
“One Woman’s Dance with the Pain Experience”

KPFK-FM (Los Angeles, CA)—September 2011
“Access Unlimited”

ABCNews.com—August 2011
“Chronic Pain Is No Laughing Matter, Says Comedian”

MDNG Magazine—July 2011
“Sex/Gender Disparity in Pain and Pain Treatment”

ABCNews.com—June 2011
“Nation Fails Millions of Americans in Pain”

Southern California Physician Magazine—June 2011
“Restricting Red Tape”

ABCNews.com—June 2011
“Rheumatoid Arthritis Takes Toll on Young Adults”

San Francisco Chronicle (CA)—May 2011
“Small measure of relief from constant pain”

LifeScript.com—April 2011
“How to Ease Fibromyalgia Pain When Traveling”

Marin Independent Journal (CA)—May 2011
“Huffman bill would help pain sufferers get insurance for best pain killers faster”

Southern Califronia Physician Magazine—April 2011
“Let’s Delay No More”

ABCNews.com—April 2011
“Could Restless Leg Point to Troubled Heart?”

MORE Magazine—April 2011
“The Male-Female Pain Gap” (For Grace generated, consulted and interviewed for this article)

WBAL AM (Baltimore, MD)—March 2011
“Aches and Gains”

San Francisco Chronicle (CA)—February 2011
“State bill brings pain sufferers faster relief”

FOX News (Los Angeles, CA)—November 2010
“Women In Pain: Diagnosis & Treatment” (Picked up nationwide)

Los Angeles Times Magazine—October 2010
“The Best Medicine”

The London Times—September 2010
“Women in pain”

KABC7 (Los Angeles, CA)—September 2010
“Art Therapy Can Help Those in Chronic Pain”

KABC7 (Los Angeles, CA)—September 2010
“Laughter Plays a Key Role in Managing Pain”

Senate Majority Caucus News (CA)—September 2010
“Women In Pain Awareness Day”

KPFK-FM (Los Angeles, CA)—August 2010
“Access Unlimited”

Good Morning America—August 2010
“Cymbalta’s New Use: Pain Treatment”

AOL.com—August 2010
“Fail First? Is This Any Way to Practice Medicine?”

Bureau of National Affairs—July 2010
“California Plan Would Ban Step-Therapy Insurance Mandates for Pain Medications”

Southern California Physician Magazine—July 2010
“Don’t Delay”: Op-ed by Cynthia Toussaint

The Sacramento Bee (CA) —July 2010
“California bill would limit ‘step therapy’ in pain treatment”

The California Channel—June 2010
“Senate Health Committee hearing on AB 1826”

PainPathways Magazine—Summer 2010
“Pain Care Policy Act Offers Hope For Those In Pain”

The California Channel—April 2010
“Assembly Health Committee hearing on AB 1826”

California OneCare—April 2010
“365 Ad #43 John Garrett”

KQED’s The California Report —January 2010
“Health Dialogues: Pain”

Maria Shriver’s The Women’s Conference Website—January 2010
“How My Illness Brought Me Grace”

FOX News (Los Angeles, CA)—November 2009
“Medical Detectives”

FOX 11 (Los Angeles. CA)—November 2009
“Misdiagnosing Pain”

ABCNews.com—October 2009
“Chronic Fatigue Patients: No Longer Fakes”

Fox News (Los Angeles)—September 2009
“2nd Annual Women In Pain Conference”

KABC7 (Los Angeles)—September 2009
“Conference aims to empower women in pain”

Eastern Group Publications (Los Angeles, CA)—August 2009
“Low-Income Women and Minorities Are Being Left In Pain”

Eastern Group Publications (Los Angeles, CA)—August 2009
“Grupos Defensores Demandan una Investigación sobre Practicas Discriminatorias en Seguros de Salud”

Associated Press—July 2009
“Groups call on Calif AG to investigate insurance”

KPFK-FM (Los Angeles, CA)—May 2009
“Access Unlimited”

KPFK-FM (Los Angeles, CA)—May 2009
“Experience Talks”

Southern California PHYSICIAN—May 2009
“Patients in Pain” (.pdf) by Cynthia Toussaint

La Opinion (Los Angeles, CA)—April 2009
“Controversia por uso de medicinas contra el dolor”

ABC News—April 2009
“Patients Irate With Insurers’ ‘Fail First’ Policy”

The California Channel—April 2009
“Assembly Health Committee Hearing for AB 1144”

WYPR (Baltimore, MD)—April 2009
“Ached and Gains”

CNN—March 2009
“Fail First Press Conference”

KFI-AM (Los Angeles, CA)—March 2009
“Fail First Press Conference”

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City Hall ceremony proclaiming May as RSD Awareness Month

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Testimony before Senate Health committee for RSD Education Bill

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Testimony before Assembly Health committee for RSD Education Bill

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