"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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PNN Post Re-Lives Toussaint’s Dopesick Past with Purdue Pharma

Check out For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint's latest post on Pain News Network as it's one for the books! Toussaint relives her epic nightmare with Purdue Pharma,  one where she found herself swirling in the midst of their effort to flood OxyContin nationwide, sparking the current deadly Opioid Crisis. The Hulu series Dopesick provided the catalyst for Toussaint to go public with her personal story of saving soul and life  - and she implores all to watch and learn so this crime-of-the-century calamity will never happen again....

Durazo Repeats For Grace-Championed CA Pain Awareness Month

In 2022 State Senator Maria Elena Durazo will for the second year in a row take the reins on For Grace's September Pain Awareness Month resolution in California. The resolution, which will concurrently acknowledge September 1st as Women In Pain Awareness Day, will be the 20th year in a row that For Grace has championed this effort to spotlight the need for better care and appreciation for those challenged with high-impact chronic pain. Thank you, Senator Durazo!

January 2022 Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's January Story of the Month that details woman in pain Ingrid Brown's heartbreaking tale of medical mistreatment. Four and half years ago, Ingrid was told that she had breast cancer and needed a biopsy ASAP. During that procedure, the radiologist thrust a probe into her chest, breaking her sternum,  ribs and a number of vertebrae. Though Ingrid never really had cancer, the damaging biopsy left her with persistent pain. Now being treated for Medical Trauma, Ingrid is telling her story to help other women avoid this kind of unnecessary suffering.

Happy Holidays from Team For Grace

Team For Grace extends Happy Holiday wishes to women in pain and their caregivers across the globe, a festive season we hope will be filled with good cheer, steady joy and low pain. Though the year has proven once again to be challenging, these are the times where resilience and appreciation become the cornerstones of better days ahead. May it be so...

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