"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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For Grace’s CA Legislation Shapes Up for 2023 Run

Work is progressing nicely on For Grace's legislative effort for a proposed 2023 bill, one that will mandate Medi-Cal (California's Medicaid system) to cover a number of integrative pain therapies (massage, yoga, biofeedback, physical therapy, Gym Rx, etc.) We've had in-depth meetings with our potential author and have collected excellent feedback from our healthcare policy advisor team that sprang from For Grace's 2019 Sacramento Capitol briefing. We now look to crafting our bill proposal for next year's session consideration and are optimistic for positive change SOON!

June 2022 Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's June Story of the Month as we explore the connection between chronic pain and cancer. Jenny Picciotto was looking forward to retirement with days full of hobbies and time with her husband. Then a foot injury lead to CRPS, and her life became a full-time search to regain wholeness. Just when acceptance and cognitive-reframing brought relief, a breast cancer dx started a new chapter of challenge, including more pain. Still, Jenny encourages all to "experience the incredible beauty and tender frailty of this terrific and terrifying journey called life."

Breast Cancer Recurrence Strikes For Grace Founder

With heavy heart, we announce that the work at For Grace will slow as our founder Cynthia Toussaint is experiencing a Triple-Negative Breast Cancer recurrence. The cancer returned in her lymph node and, due to a core needle biopsy done in that nerve-rich area, she's experiencing a very severe CRPS flare, one of the worst of her life. Cynthia's working with a team of HCPs to decide what's possible treatment-wise as she moves into uncharted territory. Please send your prayers for Cynthia to again beat this rare and aggressive breast cancer. She's got a rocky road ahead!

ShareYour Story Project Seeks Medical Trauma Narratives

Over the years For Grace's Share Your Story project has been a place where women in pain have contributed their gender bias stories. More recently, we've focused on stories about the pain-cancer connection and early-life trauma as a driver for pain. Of late, we're hearing much from our community about "medical trauma", where one suffers physical and/or psychological harm at the hands of their healthcare provider. If you've experienced medical trauma, please consider sharing your story. Through your words, we look forward to raising awareness of this troubling trend...

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