"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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For Grace Founder Talks Cancer, Pain and Doing It Her Way

"Necessity is the mother of invention", and so it is when one wrangles with a terminal disease complicated by chronic pain. In her inspiring HealthyWomen “Real Women, Real Stories” first-person account, For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint shares the novel, life-or-death choices she made to survive breast cancer twice while maintaining the quality of life she fought for for 40 years. In "When It Came to My Breast Cancer, I Did It My Way",  Cynthia tells a powerful tale about standing her ground against the hubris and bias of a healthcare system that only sees one treatment plan.  She emphasizes, "I'm certain I'm still here today because I followed my gut."

For Grace Director Talks the Surprise of Caregiving

For Grace director John Garrett shared some surprising insights in an article he penned about caregiving for American Chronic Pain Association's e-magazine, Chronicle, running this month.  Garrett, a 42+ year caregiver of a person with high-impact pain, focused on his early years when he made some crucial discoveries that got him to bear down when the dark days rolled in. On the positive side, he tells of his biggest surprise when he ultimately learned there's nothing greater one can do with their life than take care of the one they love.  Check out this ode to caregivers HERE.

For Grace’s June Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's inspiring June Story of the Month as we continue our look at the intersection of chronic pain and social isolation. Katie O'Leary was off to a great start in her adult life, including being captain of her university's rugby team. All was upward and onward until a hip injury turned into surgery that ignited CRPS.  Soon Katie found herself managing a runaway pain condition with ice and art, but eventually closed herself off from others. Taking solace from her beloved grandfather's own battle with chronic pain, Katie has now  found new strength by forgiving her body and mind, while "still fighting and showing up everyday, and that is enough."

Women In Pain Nation Builds, Bringing Empowerment and Hope

After a successful launch in March, For Grace's newest project, Women In Pain Nation Social Media Campaign, continues to build its viewership, bringing hope and understanding to women across the globe. The campaign's "Thought of the Day" personal essays and "Hot Take" interviews with pain experts explore a wide-range of topics near and dear to the women in pain experience - and this week, For Grace leader Cynthia Toussaint talks with The Migraine Relief Plan Cookbook author Stephanie Weaver about the connection between what you eat and your pain.

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