"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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For Grace Pauses Work to Focus on Care

For Grace leadership has decided to temporarily lessen work as its founder Cynthia Toussaint's breast cancer has returned. Day-to-day activities such as social media engagement and communications will continue at levels that can be accommodated - and decisions about long term projects (including our monthly live stream at The Mighty and our 2021 conference) will be decided appropriately. Rest assured, For Grace will continue to support our Women In Pain community to the best of our abilities as we persevere through these challenging times...

Toussaint Shares Powerful Tips for Resilience & Wellness

This week For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint joins Stephanie Weaver on "The Resilence Series" which  features people who have persevered despite great adversity. Cynthia shares how she has maintained resilience in the face of 38 years of high-impact pain and, more  recently, triple-negative breast cancer via strong self-esteem, vigilant stress management, positive self-talk, healthy life-style choices and many other wellness-sustaining strategies. Check out this powerful interview with two women who know first hand how to carry on...

For Grace Joins Women & Pain Action Team

Pleased to report that For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint is a charter member of  HealthyWomen's Chronic Pain Advisory Council that  will focus on issues that advance the chronic pain dialogue while recognizing the importance of racial, gender and cultural differences. This group of 14 renowned leaders lend their expertise to amplify issues relevant to women in midlife, raise awareness about knowledge gaps, create in-depth content and resources, and collaborate with stakeholders to advance pain policy and advocacy.

Trauma & Pain Stories Launch for 2021

With our February 2021 Share Your Story, we launch a series that will focus on trauma being a driver for persistent pain. Woman In Pain Maria Socolof's neck surgery was clinically successful, but soon life-upending pain radiated in her neck and upper back. After many fruitless attempts to mitigate the pain, Maria started to question her barrier to healing. Finally, myofacial release therapy helped unlock her body's secret, leading to understanding that unresolved trauma was the key.

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