"I strongly recommend daily journal writing to everyone, especially women in pain. I believe it had the power to heal me."
—Cynthia Toussaint
The Fire Within Blog

For Grace Founder and Spokesperson Cynthia Toussaint shares her unique perspectives on the chronic pain experience!

“Take Care of Maya”: The High Cost of a Mother’s Love

Netflix’s top-notch documentary, Take Care of Maya, was excruciatingly painful for me to watch because it hit so close to home. I related on many levels: the disease, maltreatment from...


Painfully Stepping Over the Line

For decades, people have described me as indefatigable, super-human strong, the ultimate survivor or the one filled with surprises and miracles. Well-intended compliments that have moved...


A Window Into the Impossible: A Pain-Free Life

I recently experienced the miracle of living pain-free after 40 years of body-wide Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I was astonished by what it felt like and what I learned about...


Learning How to Cope With Childhood Trauma

My world became unreal and terrifying when I was 18. Literally, everything looked, sounded and felt distorted. While I’ve long known this experience is called “derealization,” I...


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