"I strongly recommend daily journal writing to everyone, especially women in pain. I believe it had the power to heal me."
—Cynthia Toussaint
The Fire Within Blog

For Grace Founder and Spokesperson Cynthia Toussaint shares her unique perspectives on the chronic pain experience!

Be Careful What You Wish For: Cancer Is Not a Way Out From Pain

When my oncologist recently spewed the worst word I’ve ever heard, “recurrence”, everything in my mind sped up and stopped at the same time. I made a brutal fight for my life in...


Breathless: My Anger at a Failing Body

Once upon a time, life was easy. Breathing was a breeze, lungs filled with promise and hope. Then I got sick. Really sick. Of late, when I look back at the last forty years, I’m...


Saving My Soul from a Real-Life Dopesick

While watching Dopesick, the Hulu series that dramatizes Purdue Pharma’s driving of the opioid crisis through their cash-cow OxyContin, I was traumatized to the point of hitting the...


The High Price of Being Your Own Advocate

I’ve always encouraged women in pain to be strong advocates for their care, but after decades of push-backs and harassment from the medical community for doing just that, I’m starting...


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