"I strongly recommend daily journal writing to everyone, especially women in pain. I believe it had the power to heal me."
—Cynthia Toussaint
The Fire Within Blog

For Grace Founder and Spokesperson Cynthia Toussaint shares her unique perspectives on the chronic pain experience!

Painful Choices About a Safe Space

It’s no secret. In my book, there’s no better medicine than self-care. To that point, I’m a proud member of my local YMCA. In fact, it’s been my ultimate safe-space for 15...


A Guardian Angel Stronger Than Pain

What I’m going to write about I can’t fully explain. There was a time when I would have been skeptical of my own forthcoming words. But here goes… I’m certain that I’m in...


The Last Piece of the Pain Puzzle: Trauma Explored at 2023 Conference

Four years ago I was wheeled into my pain management doctor’s office, not to talk about CRPS, but rather my newest and most dire diagnosis: Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I knew I...


“Take Care of Maya”: The High Cost of a Mother’s Love

Netflix’s top-notch documentary, Take Care of Maya, was excruciatingly painful for me to watch because it hit so close to home. I related on many levels: the disease, maltreatment from...


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