"I strongly recommend daily journal writing to everyone, especially women in pain. I believe it had the power to heal me."
—Cynthia Toussaint
The Fire Within Blog

For Grace Founder and Spokesperson Cynthia Toussaint shares her unique perspectives on the chronic pain experience!

Mind & Body Power

This week I’m appreciating my mind and body’s extraordinary healing powers – something we women in pain can lose sight of. Last Monday, after receiving some crappy work news, I...


Losing Normal

Like swimming against the current, chronic pain forces our bodies and minds to endure far more suffering than what is natural. That goes for our caregivers as well. Recently, my...


Let’s Be Our Own Healthcare Advocates

A friend’s new symptoms were dubbed “unexplainable” by her docs; thank goodness she figured it out, and saved herself… Last night, I phoned a woman in pain I adore. Blair is a...


Suffering Leads to Meaningful Work

All great work comes from suffering – one of the big takeaways from Marcel Proust’s 4300 page masterpiece, “In Search of Lost Time.” Since becoming ill and bedridden with CRPS...


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