"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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Arts and Conference Combine to Heal

The National Pain Report is running a special article about the power of expressive arts playing a part in healing women in pain. 2016 Women In Pain conference interactive session presenter, Ping Ho, Director of UCLArts and Healing program, explains how the creative arts take over much of the brain processing responsible for pain sensory - and how she was able to aid and empower attendees. Great self-management tools!

Conference Celebrated on Airwaves

The Aloha-spirit of the 2016 Women In Pain conference continues with three radio shows taped today for KBRITE-AM's Change is in the Air program. Host Nicole Smith interviewed For Grace Spokesperson Cynthia Toussaint along with presenters, pain psychologist Dr. Kristen Slater and UCLArts & Healing program Founder and Director Ping Ho. Mahalo to Nicole for more great coverage!

Conference Webcast Archive Now Live

Aloha!! We had a sun-splashed pain 'get-away" at For Grace's 9th Annual Women In Pain Conference: "Pain Takes a Vacation." Amidst grass skirts, hula dancers and a Tiki bar, we had amazing presenters show us how distraction works as an effective pain management tool. If you weren't able to join in the fun live or via webcast, please catch the broadcast archive of the entire day HERE. Mahalo nui loa to everyone who made this event a vacation to remember!

October’s Story of the Month

As our October Story of the Month feature, we have the challenging journey of Gail Williamson. Gail first began feeling constant pain at age seven, but was berated by dismissive doctors till she was in her 40's. Gail shares that her FM and migraine pain could easily have brought her down if not for the passion of making a difference everyday with her advocacy work. Like so many women in pain, Gail's a survivor!

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