"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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Study Hopes to Advance Treatment for Back Pain

Here's a study Team For Grace would like you to consider if you're impacted by back pain. The STAMP study offers promise for adults with Chronic Lower Back Pain (CLBP) who are treated with daily opioids to better relieve pain, reduce disability, and improve quality of life. It compares the effects of two complementary therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness meditation, on CLBP-related pain, function, and quality of life. Both therapies are delivered virtually over eight weekly group sessions. For more information about the STAMP study, please link here

May’s Very Special Story of the Month

Please read For Grace's exceptional May Story of the Month as we continue to explore the intersection between trauma and chronic pain. In this extraordinary, long-format story, woman in pain Heather Grace shares how she braved the chaos of her childhood, often serving as the only barrier between her "monster" and other family members. Through her "hellscape", she maintained a strong sense of self-belief, persistence and defiance that helped her overcome the darkness. Though saddled with EDS and CRPS, Heather is regaining wholeness, piece by piece, while focusing on “the bright spots, instead of the rain.” We strongly recommend you read and share Heather’s  heartbreaking and, ultimately, triumphant story. You'll be glad you did...

Gender Bias in Pain Care Featured in The INvisible Project

Cynthia Toussaint is featured in the latest edition of U.S. Pain Foundation's The INvisible Project. In this issue that focuses on disparities in pain care, Cynthia shares how it took 13+ years to get her CRPS diagnosis, mainly due to the bias imposed on women with chronic pain. The piece illustrates how this bias can only change with more women included in research studies along with sex-specific scientific data.  Also touted as solutions are empowering women to advocate for themselves and raising public awareness about gender-based disparities in health care.

The Key to Trauma and Pain Explored

Join co-hosts Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett for this month's episode of "The Trauma-Illness Paradigm" which streams live on  The Mighty's Facebook pages. On Tuesday, April 13th at 1pm PST, Cynthia and John will talk with "The Invisible Key" author Maria Socolof about how her early-life trauma led to life-altering chronic pain. After a surgery left her with agonizing, disabling pain, Maria went on a search of self-discovery to find the key to her suffering. What she found was hidden, multi-generational secrets that provided the answers. Join Cynthia, John and Maria for a lively discussion about how the body never forgets when it comes to trauma.

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