"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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Pain-Cancer Conference News

Excited to share that world-class speakers and panelists have jumped on board For Grace's February 2021 "Pain-Cancer Connection" conference set to highlight the intersection of these two challenging diseases. Some of our esteemed presenters include Dr. Melissa Cady, Michael Eselun, Dr. Fasih Hameed, Dr. Wayne Jonas, Dr. Elana Miller, Rhonda Smith, Celine Tein and Pat Wetzel. We're thrilled to see our program blossom! Much more to come...    

Pain Bill & Reso Detours

Due to COVID-19 shutting down non-essential legislation in California, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson regretfully couldn't author what would have been For Grace's 18th consecutive Pain Awareness resolution. On a positive note, though Senator Jackson is terming out, several of her staffers will soon be working for an influential Senator in Los Angeles who's already reviewing our resolution and, more importantly, our bill that aims to implement an integrative Pain Center coordinated by the Department of Health & Human Services. Cheers to moving ahead!

Toussaint Talks Pain & Cancer

For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint was  interviewed by Pat Wetzel on her "Bump In the Road" podcast, sharing how cancer has shaped her life over the last year. Along the "road", Cynthia has wrangled with CRPS for 38 years while navigating a healthcare system that discounted her experience at nearly every turn. Still, she shares with Pat positivity and  authenticity keep her on the straight and narrow as she takes charge of her own wellness using integrative care.

August’s Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's August Story of the Month as we continue our focus on the pain-cancer connection. Kristina Breen had already been battling Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for a decade when two bouts of pre-cancer (atypical ductal hyperplasia and monoclonal gammaopathy) were thwarted. Confronted with a third, more serious cancer threat, she's beginning to think about how her pain and cancer are "starting to collide." Kristina's now focusing on how to become more empowered to heal herself as better health is "just out there, ready to be found."

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