"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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Mystery Diagnosis’ RSD Episode Continues to Raise Awareness

Happy to share that we just learned our 2005 Discovery Health episode of "Mystery Diagnosis" is airing again, bringing much-needed awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (then known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) to the world. This 16-minute segment is told from the perspectives of the patient, partner/caregiver, mother and doctor, depicting a well-rounded experience, including the many agonies and triumphs. To view this gripping episode, link here to see Part One and here for Part Two.

For Grace Leader Recognized for Empowering Women Action

For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint will be recognized for her contribution to HealthyWomen's Real Women, Real Stories project at their April 7th Appreciation Night.  Toussaint's story is part of a larger effort at HealthWomen to empower women ages 35 to 64 make informed health choices for themselves and their families. Besides thanking women who shared their stories in 2021, the event will include networking to generate new healthcare ideas to include on the site.      

For Grace Turns 20 – Moving On & Staying Strong!

What an anniversary! Today, For Grace turns 20 as we've clicked off two decades of aiding, comforting and bringing much-needed information to women in pain across the globe. Our many efforts include media outreach, legislative actions and ground-breaking events that have brought to millions the plight of women who hurt more and are helped less. We're especially proud of our work to stridently promote the benefits of Integrative Health and the healing power of self-care. We've been told that nonprofit work is impossible - but that's just the way we like it. Impossible has never been an option. Together, we march forward in search of a Pain-free, Grace-filled tomorrow.

April 2022 Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's April Story of the Month that spotlights woman in pain Patricia Helbig's harrowing battle with childhood and medical trauma.  Time and again, Patricia's chronic pain and physical problems, such as muscle weakness and joint displacement, were dismissed as manifestations of her C-PTSD (Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.) Even after a particularly terrifying episode where she was invalidated and humiliated, Patricia continues to hope that she'll find healthcare professionals who will diagnosis her, instead of "shaming, blaming and gaslighting."      

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