"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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Toussaint Pain and Trauma Guest Spot Now on Apple Podcast

Now on Apple Podcast!  Catch For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint's guest spot on Dr. Afton Hassett's "Chronic Pain Reset" which highlights the chronic pain experience as well as the tremendous benefits of self-management for healing and well-being. Cynthia and Afton's conversation covers a wide-range of topics that includes trauma being a driver for chronic pain, resilience as an essential tool for thriving and the many wellness-inducing alternative treatment techniques illustrated in Dr. Hassett's recent book, Chronic Pain Reset. Let the healing begin!

Pain News Network Column Focuses On Painful Choices

Catch the latest Pain News Network column by For Grace and Women In Pain Nation leader Cynthia Toussaint! When dealing with the pitfalls of high-impact pain and disability, one's choices are often slim to none. In this compelling article, Cynthia shares how her "safe-space" of healing has become a "high-decibel scrum", caused by someone who she knew was trouble from the get-go. Feeling she has no choice to move on because of her physical limitations, Cynthia guts it out each day all in praise of doing what brings her best health and wellness through self-care.

Calling on Women In Pain to Voice Your Lived Experience

Are you a Woman In Pain who wants to speak your mind and share what's important? Then For Grace's new social media campaign, Women In Pain Nation, is the perfect place for you! We're seeking short video testimonials (2-3 minutes) that speak to the lived pain experience - those things in your life that only someone in pain understands and appreciates. To share your "Thought of the Day", please contact us at forgracewip@yahoo.com for delivery details. Also, check back at forgrace.org for opportunities to be interviewed and/or participate on an upcoming panel.

Deuces Are Wild as For Grace Celebrates Another Milestone

Deuces are wild! Twenty-two years ago, For Grace launched its efforts to better the lives of women challenged by chronic pain. The journey has been arduous, but one with a bounty of accomplishment and never-ending hope. With much work still to be done to gain better wellness for our community, this year we turn our focus on overcoming the social isolation that often accompanies the chronic pain experience as well as the healing power of the expressive arts. We've also begun a bold, new project, dubbed Women In Pain Nation, that brings exciting new energy to our efforts. We're holding some great cards - and betting on a banner year!

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