"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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CA Pain Awareness Reso for 2021!

Great news for Women In Pain in the Golden State! We received word last night that Senator Maria Elena Durazo will be authoring For Grace's 2021 resolution - one that will proclaim September as Pain Awareness Month and September 24th as Women In Pain Awareness Day (to coincide with our virtual "Pain-Cancer Connection" conference.)  This was no small feat given the legislative focus being almost exclusively on COVID-related business. This will be For Grace's 18th resolution in 19 years as 2020's was dropped due to the pandemic. Good to be back on track!

March’s Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's inspiring March Story of the Month. Woman In Pain Romona Johnson was having a fine life until arthroscopic surgery led to intense burning pain in her knee. As is too often the case, Romona's complaints of spreading, worsening pain were dismissed by her surgeon. She was later diagnosed  with RSD/CRPS by a caring MD, but, sadly, by that time her life was in ruins. Instead of giving up, she returned to doing art which gave her joy and meaning. In fact, Romona now donates her art to those in need of comfort, adding, "painting helps me escape the pain."

For Grace Pauses Work to Focus on Care

For Grace leadership has decided to temporarily lessen work as its founder Cynthia Toussaint's breast cancer has returned. Day-to-day activities such as social media engagement and communications will continue at levels that can be accommodated - and decisions about long term projects (including our monthly live stream at The Mighty and our 2021 conference) will be decided appropriately. Rest assured, For Grace will continue to support our Women In Pain community to the best of our abilities as we persevere through these challenging times...

Toussaint Shares Powerful Tips for Resilience & Wellness

This week For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint joins Stephanie Weaver on "The Resilence Series" which  features people who have persevered despite great adversity. Cynthia shares how she has maintained resilience in the face of 38 years of high-impact pain and, more  recently, triple-negative breast cancer via strong self-esteem, vigilant stress management, positive self-talk, healthy life-style choices and many other wellness-sustaining strategies. Check out this powerful interview with two women who know first hand how to carry on...

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