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—Georgia O'Keefe
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Summit Sparks Next Steps in California

A stellar chronic pain expert panel was convened at For Grace's Change Agent Pain Summit on November 2nd. This great day stimulated incredible ideas and actionable items with a big emphasis on Integrative Care. We already have exciting next steps planned to transform California pain treatment (please stay tuned!) Thank you, pain panelists (L-R) Diane Hoffmann, Dr. Steven Richeimer, Dr. Sean Mackey, Dr. Roger Fillingim, Dr. Wayne Jonas - and our amazing moderator, Christin Veasley. Watch the whole summit at For Grace’s Facebook page @ForGraceWomenInPain

Pain Summit Airs Via Facebook Live

For Grace's 2018 Change Agent Pain Summit will broadcast  worldwide, and we encourage all to view our Facebook Live stream (in partnership with TVPLive.com) starting at 9am PT on November 2nd.  This event will convene luminaries  from various healthcare sectors that have a stake in pain management - and its goal is to implement the NIH’s National Pain Strategy in California. Please join us live on the For Grace Facebook page!

Summit Poll Results Tout Access, Care

The National Pain Report and For Grace partnered on a poll yesterday to find out what people in pain thought were the most important mandates for a comprehensive pain strategy.  The survey results will be shared with healthcare luminaries at For Grace's Change Agent Pain Summit this Friday, November 2nd which aims to implement the NIH's National Pain Strategy in California to better the lives of millions impacted by high-impact chronic pain. The poll found unrestricted access to pain medications and fair and equal access to pain care as top priorities.

Authentic Living with Pain on The Mighty

Join For Grace leaders Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett Thursday, October 25th @ 1:30 pm PST as they continue their monthly series about Integrative Care & Chronic Pain on The Mighty's FB Live. This month's topic: Living Authentically. How can we with pain be true to who we are and what we want when chronic pain stands in the way? View in and add a comment, pose a question or just say hello from wherever you are in the world!

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