"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
What's New
2020 Focus on Pain-Cancer Connection

This year For Grace will focus almost exclusively on the Chronic Pain-Cancer connection. Due to our founder developing cancer as a result of chronic pain and embarking on treatment that will likely give her more pain, we want to spotlight this link to help others challenged by one or both diseases. Our themed projects will include relevant Share Your Stories, a new  livestream on The Mighty, a documentary and CD, ongoing National Pain Report posts and a conference. Please revisit soon to see what's going on - and if you fit into this focus, we hope you'll get involved.

January Story of the Month

Check out January's Woman In Pain Story of the Month! Christy Swager had dreams of becoming an RN when an old ice skating injury re-ignited turning into CRPS.  Before her diagnosis, she went through years of failed treatments while dealing with doctors who thought she was a "drug seeker." Frustration and hopelessness set in as Christy had to give up her career goals in healthcare.  While fighting to overcome her pain, she admits that her loss "is a bitter pill to take."

Jane Goodall on Miracle Makers

For our Special Holiday Edition of Miracle Makers, Cynthia Toussaint interviews Jane Goodall in the midst of her frenetic world tourDuring this enlightening half-hour podcast, their conversation touches  on suffering, resilience and forgiveness along with other issues that promote wellness for women in pain. Link HERE to listen to this inspiring, intimate conversation between Cynthia and Jane - one that will raise your spirits and give you hope for the New Year...

For Grace Signs On for DC Hearing

For Grace, along with other leading pain advocacy organizations, has  signed onto a letter asking the Chairs of the House Energy and Commerce Full Committee, Health and Oversight Subcommittees and Ranking Members to hold a hearing on the Pain Management Best Practices Interagency Task Force report and other pain management-related concerns. This letter is similar to a request forwarded to the Senate Health, Energy, Labor and Policy committee earlier this year.    

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