"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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2022 Women In Pain Conference Spotlights Trauma & Growth

For Grace's Women In Pain conference committee has kicked off the planning of their 2022 September event! This virtual meeting will raise much-needed awareness about trauma as a driver for chronic pain as well as how trauma release can lead to Post-Traumatic Growth. We're excited to be trailblazing this critical connection, one that will emerge as key to understanding and effectively treating people with chronic pain. Please check back as details develop...

May 2022 Story of the Month

Take a look at For Grace's powerful May Story of the Month. Michaela Byer was a successful hair stylist running her own salon with hundreds of clients. Then nearly overnight, due to a poorly placed sedation IV, she developed Veni-Puncture CRPS that spread throughout her body,  eventually leaving her unable to work and using a wheelchair. Michaela's doctors labeled her a crazy, drug-seeking woman (this is known as Medical Trauma) because she was a striking blonde with a tattoo. Fortunately her husband remained by her side through her extreme challenges.

For Grace Consults for NYT Magazine Virtual Reality Piece

For Grace Spokesperson Cynthia Toussaint consulted on and interviewed for an outstanding New York Times Magazine long-form article that explores Virtual Reality as a treatment for chronic pain. The piece goes in-depth about the development of VR for medical purposes, the skepticism it faces as an accepted therapy and how it may one day replace opioids as a safer option for chronic pain patients. Toussaint's insight informed many parts of the article, in particular the section that addresses coverage concerns.  Link HERE to read "Can Virtual Reality Help Ease Chronic Pain?"

For Grace/The Mighty Live Stream Connects Trauma & Chronic Pain

Join For Grace leaders Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett as they host this month's episode of "The Trauma Chronicles" that will stream live on The Mighty FB pages Tuesday, April 26th at 1pm PT.  Cynthia and John will interview University of Michigan Research Investigator Dr. Jennifer Pierce who will share her work on trauma as a driver for chronic pain, why that connection exists and how that intersection impacts treatment and outcomes for women in pain. So much to explore about this emerging dynamic! We look forward to your great comments and questions...

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