"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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For Grace’s September 2022 Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's September Story of the Month! Carol Barnett already had a couple of serious pain challenges after developing CRPS from a toe fracture and small fiber neuropathy from toxic exposure. When breast cancer came knocking, Carol quickly assessed that she couldn't tolerate conventional treatment, especially the recommended mastectomy. As luck would have it, she stumbled upon a cutting edge therapy, Cryoblation, that kills cancer cells with a freezing agent. Carol's now cancer free, sharing "Always remember to take a breath and look for options."

Trauma Recovery By Way of Forgiveness & Good Food

Join For Grace leaders Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett as they host this month's episode of "The Trauma Chronicles" that will stream live on The Mighty FB pages Tuesday, August 30th at 1pm PT.  Cynthia and John will interview chronic pain advocate, trauma survivor and "The Migraine Relief Plan Cookbook" author Stephanie Weaver who'll share her journey with early-life trauma and how she recovered using self-care tools, including resilience-building and the healing power of forgiveness. Join us for this soul and body nourishing conversation. See y'all there!

Reso Once Again Brings Pain Awareness to the Golden State

Working with Senator Maria Elena Durazo for the second year in a row, For Grace is sponsoring a resolution that will trumpet pain awareness in the Golden State. The bill will once again proclaim September as Pain Awareness Month and be signed into law by the end of the 2021-2022 legislative session. As For Grace leaders work to introduce legislation that will increase Medi-Cal coverage for complementary pain management therapies, this popular resolution will go far to help California lawmakers understand the barriers to care faced by women in pain.

Migraine Cookbook Aims to Bring Relief and Path to Wellness

For Grace excitedly endorses a phenomenal new  cookbook! Authored by Woman In Pain, Stephanie Weaver, "The Migraine Relief Plan Cookbook", is filled to the brim with more than 100 anti-inflammatory recipes for managing headaches and living a healthier life. Our founder, Cynthia Toussaint, was thrilled to be interviewed by Stephanie on her "Resilience Series" podcast for the ramp up of the launch. Toussaint is a huge fan, sharing "I've never had a migraine, but am deeply invested in healthy living. This cookbook is for everyone who wants to deliciously live well."

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