"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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Toussaint’s Latest PNN Column Touts Conference and Trauma Recovery

Catch For Grace Founder Cynthia Toussaint's latest column on Pain News Network! Spotlighting Friday's 11th Annual Women In Pain Conference, Toussaint shares how trauma became front and center in her understanding of what has driven her 40+ year chronic pain experience. Having found better wellness and recovery through both practitioner and self-care therapies, Cynthia encourages other women in pain to join her by taking a deep look at lingering, harmful past traumas that are getting in the way. "You're braver than you think", Toussaint reassures.

For Grace Founder Completes Her Trauma-Pain Puzzle at 2023 Conference

Chronic pain is a puzzle, and sometimes it all comes together. At the ground-breaking 11th Annual Women In Pain Conference on Nov. 17th, For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint will tell her eye-opening journey of discovery that led the way to understanding how early childhood trauma was the catalyst for her 40+ year chronic pain experience. Besides sharing riveting "a-ha" moments, Toussaint will spotlight trauma's impact on her body and brain, and how she utilized trauma release techniques to reach post-traumatic growth. Join us for a day you won't want to miss!

Press Release Drops for 2023 Conference, Read All About It!

Alert the media! Here’s the news on For Grace’s just-around-the-corner 11th Annual Women In Pain Conference! Check out our press release that tells all about this groundbreaking event that connects the dots between trauma and chronic pain, and its slate of world class speakers and panelists who will point the way to healing, wholeness and hope. Join us on November 17th starting at 10am PT for a free-to-attend, virtual day that's sure to make headlines near and far!

Conference Panel Spotlights Growth After the Storm of Trauma

There can be a silver lining to experiencing trauma - and it’s called growth. Join us on November 17th starting at 10am PT for For Grace’s 11th Annual Women In Pain Conference where the connection between trauma and pain will be explored. Our powerful Post-Traumatic Growth panel, moderated by the phenomenal Dr. Ginevra Liptan, will spotlight inspiring “real-lifers” who have climbed through the trauma tunnel and come out the other side with renewed wisdom and health. This knowledgeable, forthcoming panel will wrap a bow on this day filled with healing and hope.

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