"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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July’s Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's July Story of the Month as we continue our focus on the pain-cancer connection. Rich Tamayo's early life was one of being a "Hollywood rich kid" without a care in the world and endless partying. That ended when he felt intense pain, first diagnosed as hemorrhoids, then advanced skin cancer. Rich describes a grueling cancer journey that went on for months, leaving him physically broken and "wishing God to take me now." 29 years later, he runs a successful video/webcasting business, though he is plagued by cancer treatment pain. Still, Rich give thanks for the "hemorrhoids" that put him on a better life path.      

Toussaint Writing for Pain News Network

For Grace Founder Cynthia Toussaint is a new contributing columnist for the Pain News Network! With her inaugural post on PNN, she continues a series about her battle with breast cancer as a 38-year high-impact woman in pain. Toussaint this month explores the struggle to decide on a possibly life-preserving surgery that may well reignite her CRPS.

For Grace Joins Global Patients Alliance

For Grace is proud to announce it has joined the World Patients Alliance (WPA), a newly formed nonprofit umbrella organization of patients and patients’ organizations around the globe. The WPA provides the platform to empower and raise the patients’ voice for the provision and access to safe, quality and affordable healthcare. With this initiative, For Grace hopes to bring awareness and champion solutions to the gender disparity women in pain face with healthcare worldwide.

Diet & Nutrition Solutions Explored

Join host Cynthia Toussaint on her next episode of "The Pain-Cancer Connection" which streams live on five of The Mighty's Facebook pages, including their flagship MightySite page. This Tuesday, June 21st at 2pm PST, Cynthia will interview public health expert, Dr. Susan Nyanzi, about how proper lifestyle choices can enhance cancer and chronic pain treatment and outcomes, with a focus on anti-inflammatory diet and immune-boosting nutrition. Looking forward to your great comments and questions!

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