"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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For Grace’s April Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's April Story of the Month as we continue to examine the connection between chronic pain and social isolation. Feelings of being an outsider began early for Bonnie Casey. As a child she complained of never-ending leg pain that no one understood. Later in life as pain and fatigue spread throughout her body, Bonnie's fibromyalgia showed no objective signs, further disconnecting her from others as they quipped, "But you look so good!" Currently, Bonnie stays active with a  full-time career and caregiving, but is often spent by 4pm. Her best advice for lonely women in pain - adopt a couple of shelter cats as they make "marvelous company."

Women In Pain Nation Social Media Campaign Takes Off!

Spring has sprung, and so has For Grace's Women In Pain Nation! Hubbed on YouTube, this campaign will feature powerful bi-weekly personal essays, mind-changing interviews and spirited roundtables via social media (Facebook, X, Instagram, Tik Tok and LinkedIn) video posts that will help women in pain and their caregivers be heard, appreciated and empowered. Kicking off the campaign is For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint's take on her shifting CRPS rules after 41+ years, along with her request for advice. Please link here to view - and welcome to WIPNation!

Acting Gets the Spotlight As Inspiration for Women In Pain

Lights, camera, action! Research supports that following one's creative passions is a sure bet to less pain and better wellness. Along with singing, For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint is pursuing professional acting roles in Los Angeles and beyond for several reasons. First, she wants to inspire women in pain to pursue the expressive arts as a path to healing. Also, Cynthia's working to raise the profile of pain and disability in Hollywood. As a wheelchair user, she's banging the drum for authentic disability inclusion while aiming to open doors for our marginalized community.      

CA Budget Woes Stall Pain Care Expansion Effort

California's in the midst of an epic budget collapse - and as such many legislative efforts are getting temporarily kicked to the curb. Unfortunately this includes For Grace's multi-year endeavor to expand Medi-Cal pain care to include effective alternative therapies such as massage, nutrition counseling, gym Rx and group treatment meetings. The staffer we're working with is waiting for the 2024 budget to be finalized before approaching the Senator who has expressed interest in authoring the bill. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed as the budget drama plays out...

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