"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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Help Women In Pain With a Holiday Gift to For Grace

Your 2020 tax-deductible donation will aid For Grace's global efforts to empower women in pain, sensitize the media and public about pain care gender bias and influence policy makers to embrace chronic pain as a health crisis. It is because of your generosity that we are able to continue our education and awareness programs to improve the lives of women who are, or will be, challenged by life-altering chronic pain. Please LINK HERE to read our holiday appeal letter and to give.

December Story of the Month

Check out For Grace's December Story of the Month. Woman in pain Katy Itacy had a successful law career in her early thirties until excruciating back pain forced her into early retirement. Despite her thinking its cause was a re-emerging childhood spinal tumor, doctors repeatedly said no, even suggesting her pain was "psychosomatic." Katy eventually found a "tethered-cord syndrome" specialist who confirmed her suspicion; however, it was too little too late. Katy now advocates for herself and others who have been neglected by healthcare professionals.

Post-Cancer Treatment Anxiety

Join host Cynthia Toussaint on her next episode of "The Pain-Cancer Connection" which streams live on five of The Mighty's Facebook pages, including their flagship MightySite page. This Tuesday, November 19th  at 1pm PST, Cynthia again interviews her life partner, caregiver and For Grace director, John Garrett, to update all about their journey with Cynthia's breast cancer. The two will share tips on how to remain strong during the recovery period, one that is often filled with dread and fear. They'll talk about the challenges of "scanxiety" and how to keep one's "terrain" in a place of cancer-fighting wellness. Looking forward to your great comments and questions!

For Grace Inspires Bias Piece

For Grace was honored to be a contributing resource in an October 15th Ms. Magazine article. The piece, titled "Gender Bias in Healthcare Is Playing a Dangerous Role in COVID-19 Care", highlights dismissal of women's symptoms as common, adding that there is rampant sexism in US healthcare. As source material for the article, For Grace's 2014 Women In Pain Survey was used, a survey that discovered that when women report pain it is often dismissed as emotional distress.

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