"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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“Pain-Cancer Connection” Problem Session Keys on Pain & Inflammation

Here's a problem: How are Inflammation, Pain & Cancer connected? Dr. Wayne Jonas, Executive Director of the Samueli Foundation's Integrative Health Programs, will answer this all-important question during the "Problem" session of our 10th Annual Women In Pain Conference that will explore the intersection between pain and cancer. Dr. Jonas will also key on how integrative health approaches can improve your well-being while wrangling with these two epic challenges. Free registration now open for this September 24th (9am-2pm PT) one-of-a-kind event!    

“Pain-Cancer Connection” Conference Website Goes Live!

Thrilled to announce that our 10th Annual Women In Pain Conference webpage goes live today! This September 24th virtual event will explore the over-looked intersection between pain and cancer - and we have an amazing roster of speakers who will illuminate, motivate and inspire. Please take a look at what the day will hold, and mark your calendar to join us for this ground-breaking live webcast from 9am to 2pm PT.  Register for free by linking HERE.

California Pain Awareness Month & Day Reso Intro’d!

Pleased to give an update about For Grace's 2021 resolution authored by California Senator Maria Elena Durazo. As relayed by her staff member, Fernando Rameriz, SR 53 has been introduced and will shortly be presented on the senate floor. Once passed, the reso will proclaim September as Pain Awareness Month and September 24th (to co-incide with our 10th annual Women In Pain Conference) Women In Pain Awareness Day in the Golden State. This will be For Grace's 18th-in-a-row annual effort - and bravo, Senator Durazo, for being our champion this year!

“Pain-Cancer Connection” Kick-Off Speakers Shine

For Grace's 10th Annual Women In Pain Conference is drawing nearer (September 24th) - and it's lead off speakers will shine a bright light on the "Pain-Cancer Connection." For Grace Founder Cynthia Toussaint will share how her recent bout with aggressive breast cancer gave her new insight into our broken healthcare system. Then, comedian and Woman In Pain Anna Polack will spin a witty take on the self-help movement. Finally, Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology Chaplain Michael Eselun will present a moving talk  about the power of  loss and letting go.  Keep an eye out  as this Monday our conference website and registration go live...

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