“The Trauma-Illness Paradigm” Hosted By Cynthia Toussaint & John Garrett

For Grace’s “The Trauma-Illness Paradigm” series will stream monthly in 2021 via Facebook Live in partnership with The Mighty, the leading online site for chronic illness advocacy. The show will be hosted by For Grace leaders Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett who will interview leading experts (healthcare professionals, advocates, authors, survivors, etc.) about the intersection between trauma and chronic illness – and air on nine Mighty FB pages including Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Chronic Warrior, Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, Mental Health, PTSD, Everyday Is a Mental Health Day and their flagship FB page, The Mighty Site.

This educational series will explore how trauma (generational, early childhood and adult-onset) can set off a cascade of genetic, biological and physiological events in the body and mind that places the person it impacts at higher risk of developing physical and mental chronic illness. The series will also emphasize the use of whole body integrative medicine (conventional, complimentary and self-care) and healthy lifestyle choices as valuable therapies to mitigate toxic stress and inflammation, core illness-inducing side effects of trauma.

Join Cynthia and John every fourth Tuesday of the month @ 1pm PST at The Mighty for a lively interview that’ll explore the connection between trauma and illness – while inspiring those challenged by this dynamic to thrive for better days ahead!

Upcoming Guests

New episodes of “The Trauma-Illness Paradigm”  coming October 2021. See you then!


Past Shows

Cynthia Toussaint & John Garrett: The Power of Expressive Therapy

Join co-hosts Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett for this month’s “The Trauma-Illness Paradigm” which streams live on The Mighty’s Facebook pages. On Tuesday, June 22 at 1pm PST, Cynthia and John will have a lively conversation about the power of expressive therapy to quell the adverse effects of trauma leading to chronic illness. Specifically, music will be featured as Cynthia just released her second CD, “Crazy”, that is dedicated to “women in pain who know they’re not.” Whether it’s dancing, art, acting or writing, it’s healing to get troubles out through the creative process.


To see a replay of John and Cynthia’s June 22nd live stream, please link here.

Diana Whitney

Diana Whitney writes across the genres in Vermont with a focus on motherhood, sexuality, and feminism. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Glamour, Longreads, and many more. In 2003 she was diagnosed with a chronic pelvic pain condition and began a long journey of healing, which continues today through her writing and activism. Her memoir-in-progress explores mothers and daughters, trauma, and generational patterns of female silence (read an excerpt here). As a survivor of sexual violence, Diana advocates for other survivors and the empowerment of girls and women. She lives with her husband and their two strong-willed teen daughters, who inspire her every day. Her new book, You Don’t Have to Be Everything: Poems for Girls Becoming Themselves, will be released on March 30.

To see a reply of Diana’s May 25th live stream, please link here.

Maria Socolof  

Maria Socolof is a chronic pain and trauma survivor, health scientist, author, and public speaker. She holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Health Sciences from the Harvard School of Public Health, and in the span of twenty-two years, she worked as an environmental research scientist, manager, and technical writer. When chronic pain besieged her in 2005, she was forced to focus on healing. With over fifteen years of personal experience and research on chronic pain behind her, she has written her first memoir, The Invisible Key. She now uses her writing and speaking to support others who are healing from pain and trauma. She lives on Long Island with her husband and dog, and enjoys ephemeral sightings of her daughters who attend college and graduate school.

To see a replay of Maria’s April 13th live stream, please link here.

Cynthia Toussaint & John Garrett: The Trauma-Illness Paradigm Kick-off Stream   

Join co-hosts For Grace leaders Cynthia Toussaint and John Garrett as they launch their monthly series “The Trauma-Illness Paradigm” which will stream live on  The Mighty’s Facebook pages. Kicking-off this series, Cynthia and John will share how trauma has effected their wellness – and introduce how trauma (generational, early childhood and adult-onset) can start a biological and physiological cascade which leads to chronic illness. More importantly, they’ll discuss how this paradigm can be reversed.


To see a replay of John and Cynthia’s January 26th live stream, please link here.


See you at The Mighty’s Chronic Illness Facebook Page!





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