"Making the unknown known is the important thing."
—Georgia O'Keefe
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CRPS Article Picked Up by Apple News

We at For Grace hold a special place in our hearts for CRPS awareness, as that was our original mission 20 years ago. Pleased to report an article our founder Cynthia Toussaint wrote about the disease for Pain News Network was recently picked up by the popular news aggregator Apple News. In "The Ever Changing Rules of CRPS", Cynthia recounts the mercurial, agonizing nature of CRPS, and, at the same time,  how she can "love it completely without complete understanding."

Mystery Diagnosis Episode Raises CRPS Awareness Worldwide!

Emails are alerting us that For Grace's 2005 Discovery Health episode of "Mystery Diagnosis" is airing again, this time worldwide! Our show (Part One, Part Two) is bringing much-needed awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (formerly known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), told from the perspectives of the patient, caregiver, family member and doctor. Now we need your help! Since the show is being shown in many languages, we need translators to help us answer questions and inquiries from all.  Please contact us if you can volunteer your talents.    

For Grace Project Seeks Stories that Link Trauma and Chronic Pain

In the New Year, we at For Grace  will focus our enduring Share Your Story Project on the connection between trauma and chronic pain. As a preview, we'll be spotlighting  Stephanie Weaver's gripping story in December. If you're a Woman In Pain who's experienced trauma in one or more of its many forms (childhood, intergenerational, ongoing, medical), please consider sharing your story.  Through your words, we look forward to raising awareness while healing the stigma of this overlooked and little-regarded, yet key, aspect of the chronic pain  experience.  

Invisible Podcast Explores the Chronic Pain Journey

Middle-schooler and Young Woman In Pain Leighann Talbert led a lively interview with For Grace founder Cynthia Toussaint for her inaugural  episode of "The Invisible" podcast.  In collaboration with the EAST Initiative, Leighann's aim is to spread awareness  of invisible diseases and help folk not feel so alone. A relative newcomer to CRPS, Leighann asked Cynthia for tips and insights about the chronic pain experience from the perspective of a 40-year long-hauler, detailing advocacy, trauma and the power of distraction. You can catch "The Invisible" podcast on Spotify and Apple.

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